Mums, here’s why it’s important to have a hobby or two – and how to ensure you get to keep at it!

Just because you're a mum, it doesn't mean you can't have a hobby!

Let’s face it. Life in Singapore will never be the same once kids are added into the equation. While they are an irreplaceable source of joy and satisfaction, they also demand a whole lot of commitment and energy. It’s almost too easy to fall into a routine that revolves around, well… your kids. It’s even easier to think that that’s normal and okay. 

Well, maybe, if your baby is a newborn and you’re still figuring out how to survive in general. But if your baby has started on solids, it’s time for you to get started on your next move – aka allocating some time for yourself!

Of course, most of us are too worn out from the general day-to-day madness to even think about trying to do anything aside from working and parenting. But don’t be too quick to throw in the towel! Take a moment and try to remember what you used to be before these mini versions of you came into the picture. Yes, we are parents but we are also individuals. While we watch another life unfold, we can’t forget that we have our own lives to lead as well. Having a hobby is a great way to remind yourself of who you are, and ultimately give yourself a sense of personal growth and overall happiness. 

Here’s a quick starter kit on beginning your hobbyist life. 

Get a reliable babysitter

First things first! Get someone onboard your plan, and who can commit to a weekly routine of caring for your kid or kids for those few hours you will be out hobbying. It could be your partner, your mum, your sister, a friend or maybe even your neighbour. If everyone seems busy and non-committal, we have the perfect babysitter resource for you here.

Find a hobby you want/used to pursue

Here’s where you get to dig deep. What to do with this precious pocket of me time? 

It could be as simple as sitting down and getting lost in a book or a sketch, or going for a long walk or jog at your nearby park. Or you could think about the hobbies you had before having kids, and explore starting them again.

Be adventurous and open to possibilities. A little trial and error never hurt anyone! Sign up for that cool workshop your friend posted about or that exercise class you felt curious about. Apps like Classpass or Eventbrite are great for exploring different gyms and workshops in Singapore. 

Establish a routine – and stick to it

Be disciplined! Hobbies, like parenting, need consistency for results. Don’t give into excuses you might feel tempted to make, or worse, mum guilt. Remember that you deserve this me time, and it will only serve to make you a better person and mum on a whole. 

Rope your friends in

Get some friends who enjoy the same activity to come along with you. Or better yet, join your friends who are regulars at an activity already. Finding your hobby tribe will help keep you accountable to your goal of having a hobby, and keeping that phrase in the present tense. It also makes hobbies a lot more fun and social!

Relax on the rules

Try not to stress over strict nap times or screen time. This is YOUR time, not worry time. As long as your kids are alive and happy during the time you are away, it’s a win-win situation for all of you. If you are going to stress by texting and calling to check up on your kid every five minutes, this hobby of yours isn’t going to happen.

Good luck mum, you’ve got this!

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