Where to go shopping for kids’ accessories in Singapore

Lulu and moo Accessories for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore
Jazzing things up is always a good idea, whether you're small or tall. But for now, we're all about the little people. Here's where to find sunglasses, hats, bags and jewellery made just for kids.

We all know what a difference the perfect bag or pair of shoes makes to our outfit and that a good hat isn’t just for keeping the Singapore sun off our shoulders. But for kids (that’s right, not ‘boys’ or ‘girls’… kids) who love dress-ups, accessories are a must and generally, the more colours, the better (who are we to argue?). Whether it’s to pull together the perfect pirate fairy witch princess costume for Halloween, adding a splash of colour to an otherwise boring school day or just something to flaunt with that cute little summer dress, accessories are adorable and the best ones last a lifetime (what, we can’t wear cat ears at our age?). You can find accessories everywhere, but here’s our pick of the shops with the cutest ones…

lulu + moo
lulu + moo (pictured at top) has something for both the divas and the street smart. Deck the kids out with boas, handbags and wristlets sprinkled (or splashed) with glitter. Layer on a bit of non-toxic piggy paint nail polish, apply some Zinka to keep out the sun (have you heard of anything more amazing than sunscreen that doubles as face paint?) and complete the look with a rainbow necklace.

Tiny Crab Stories
Lotte Klomp’s net nook Tiny Crab Stories doesn’t just stock the most adorable outfits or toys from the Netherlands, there’s straw hats perfect for a day at the beach, bows, foldable cloth crowns and even stuffed cameras for your own mini-fashionistas. Go wild with the animal dress up kits and tattoos, and finish off the look with a touch of leopard print.

Privikids Accessories for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Backpacks, toys and cloud lamps, can kids’ accessories get any cuter? Image: PriviKids.

For all your floral needs, there’s hair accessories and headbands to keep your little one’s hair up and easy-to-carry, cross-body bags shaped like rabbits and swans. Get a 3D backpack shaped like your kid’s favourite animal, whether panda, hippo, tiger or even a fire engine red dragon! If the babies are feeling left out, keep them warm with knitted crowns and woodland themed knee-high and paw socks…do these come in adult size??

Oh Happy Fry
Complement your perfect day out to the park or the beach with a straw hat for you and a lace or feather headband for the youngling. Grab a couple of matching mother and child wicker baskets to carry all your picnic goodies. If there’s a passing shower, you can just pop open your clear bear umbrella and wait it out in sheer boho style.

Flik Flak
More than just a fashion statement or a timepiece, these watches even help kids learn how to tell the time through an app featuring the playful pair of siblings, Flik and Flak. These clock hands love time almost as much as they love racing around the clock. Not only do these watches have the craziest designs, the numbers are printed larger for easier identification and they can withstand a little rough and tumble and even survive a trip through the wash!

Seed Heritage Accessories for Kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Whether it’s summer break, holidays in Europe or back to school, Seed Heritage has it all. Image credit to Seed Heritage.

Seed Heritage
We love Seed Heritage for how it screams summer but sun hats and visors aren’t all they do. Kit your little seedling with the most adorable unicorn plush bag and a star tie cape to go with it, or opt for something more casual, like a yummy pizza slice bag. For the boys, there’s no shortage of cool stash, even the most adorable backpack we’ve ever seen shaped – literally! – like a T-Rex with little hands and sharp teeth. Then it’s just about bribing the teen with a stylish metallic purse and everyone’s happy.

For High Street mums, there’s always Mango Kids. While the adult line is sleek and stylish, the kids line is bright and flamboyant while still fashionable and urban chic. Girls can rock the hats, scarves and jewellery, while boys look extra dapper all strapped together in suspenders, ties, belts and mirrored sunnies. Pop on a set of suspenders or a beanie on the tot and you’re ready to hit the streets!

It’s all in the name, Accessorize is a treasure trove of accessories. Kids won’t just be able to beat the heat with hats and sunnies, or grab the essential hat and gloves (fingerless with mitten caps!) to brave the wintery holidays in Europe, but also jazz up their hair with hair clips, hair bands, shooting star hair extensions and even a My Little Pony unicorn braid. There’s chokers and rings for edgier kids, but they’re just as glitzy and fun.

Little Odd Forest Accessories for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

There’s so much more to this whimsical little shop… Image credit to Little Odd Forest.

Little Odd Forest
With 100% self-designed and handmade woodland inspired creations, Little Odd Forest brings a little quirkiness to any outfit. Made for the young as well as the young at heart, any kid (or parent, for that fact) would be happily flaunting their sleepy cat backpack or fox pencil case at school. After school, just swap out the backpack to a mermaid tail sling purse or a rainbow clutch and your kid’s good to go. To up a good mood, pin a happy cloud to a smock. Or if your little tot’s mood turns, swap it out for a sad one. There’s even little woodland-themed booties for the bub!

If you say you can’t accessorise at school, you’re not trying hard enough. Even a lanyard for a bus pass or wallet becomes a statement piece and Smiggle’s the shop to hit when you’re hunting for those back-to-school goodies. Kids suffering from back-to-school blues will cheer right up with a rainbow of stationery, keychains and even water bottle. The store display’s even colour-coded so your kid can pick from their favourite colour or just go for a little bit of everything.

Cotton On Kids
For mums saving up for that weekend getaway, Cotton On Kids has a massive range of water bottles, backpacks, hair clips, sunglasses and flip flops. You could set your kids up with accessories for life and still have leftover dosh for the burger cushion. Sorted.

Top image: Lulu + Moo

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