What’s on in Singapore this week for kids? 2 July 2018

What's on for kids in Singapore this week? 28 January 2019
Superhero mums, an easy breezy getaway and a smash-hit musical are keeping the kids busy...

Another new week is upon us and with it a new month! How is it July already? We have NO idea. Thankfully there’s still plenty of summer activities to keep busy with, and our junior reporters have been busy trying as many as possible! Here’s what they’re loving this week in Singapore…

Escape the rain at Diggersite
It’s fair to say that the weather hasn’t been its sunny best of late, so we’ve been beefing up our indoor activity ideas. Which is how we discovered Diggersite! Perfect for mini Bob (and Roberta) the Builders, and the guarantee of hours of edutainment fun.

Hop across the water to Bintan
While getting away on a long haul travel bucket list destination is always lovely, there are plenty of easy island getaways right on our doorstep. This past weekend we’ve been rediscovering Bintan at The Resident Bintan. Hot tip: the kids club is awesome! Well worth a hop, skip and a jump across the water for a night or two of family fun.

Bring the kids to see The Lion King
Theatre in Singapore just got seriously roar-some with the arrival of The Lion King over at MBS. We caught it on gala night and will popping up our review soon, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, book some tix! This is a show the whole family will LOVE! Or ditch the kids and make it your next date night – it’s THAT good!

Have a laugh or ten at the Trick Eye Museum
Struggling to work out what to do with teens suffering from inertia this summer holidays? Bring them (and younger kids!) to the Trick Eye Museum. Great fun on a rainy day, and it certainly makes for plenty of Insta-fodder. And we all know how much teenagers love a bit of social media!

Head to the cinema and catch The Incredibles 2
With lots of summer blockbusters still to come, we busied ourself with an afternoon catching one that just hit the silver screen – The Incredibles 2. Our verdict? We liked it even better than the first one! No spoilers here, but it really did make us chuckle. A word of warning for the sentimental among you: the short movie that plays before the main feature, Bao… bring tissues!  We may never be able to eat Din Tai Fun again.

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