What does a personalised education at The Winstedt School look like ?

Every child is unique and The Winstedt School understands that. Here’s more about their personalised teaching methods...

All parents know that their kids are special individuals – from their choice of food right down to their learning styles. Nobody understands this more than the folks at The Winstedt School Singapore, a mainstream international school that delivers a British curriculum through personalised and differentiated instruction. If you’ve never heard the term ‘differentiated instruction’ before, you’re not alone. This tailored approach to teaching enhances student progress by meeting students where they are, rather than expecting students to modify themselves to the class. So if you’ve got a child who’s amazing at math but needs extra help in other subjects, the teachers at Winstedt will create a personalised strategy that leverages his or her talents while supporting other areas.

If differentiated instruction sounds like the kind of thing your kids will benefit from, we’ve got the details on what Winstedt does best!

Personalised instruction
Just like shopping for a pair of jeans, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning. At Winstedt, teams of specialists and teachers work together to develop strategies for instruction and activities to suit each child. This means that instead of a traditional, age-based classroom setting, students are placed in their classes based on a variety of factors, including social and emotional development, learning profile and academic skills.

How do they make it work? Small class sizes! Each class has a maximum of 15 students to two qualified teachers.This lets them give each child the amount of the attention they need to shine in the classroom. This smaller student population also makes kids feel that they are part of an inclusive community, with a family atmosphere ‘where everybody knows your name’.

Multi-sensory learning
Another strategy that the teachers at Winstedt use to keep students excited  is multi-sensory learning. Instead of the traditional learning, primarily via hearing and seeing, teachers make sure that lessons engage all the senses. This approach ensures students of all learning styles can absorb concepts.

To keep the kids focused, each morning starts off with a fitness session to improve concentration and attentiveness. And throughout the day, the kids get a break from sitting on their chairs with regular movement breaks and active lessons. After all, nobody enjoys sitting in their chair the whole time! To make learning even more fun, the teachers at Windstedt co-teach across disciplines. For example, the art teacher might use a lesson on Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers to introduce the concept of pollination. How cool is that?

If you’re looking for a school that provides a truly personalised educational experience for  your child, and believe that your child would thrive in an inclusive school with a small community feel, The Winstedt School should be a great fit for your family.


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