VIDEO: Watch how the kids at Nexus International School learn about the five senses

Nexus’ open classrooms take learning to a whole new level! Check out how the kindergarten kids are discovering their five senses…

There’s no doubt about it, Nexus International School (Singapore) is definitely one cool school. It’s got this awesome open classroom concept that takes learning to a whole new level. Last time, HoneyKids hung out with its Head of Primary, Paul Beach, and discovered that these open classrooms make learning fun because they let kids take learning into their own hands – pretty sweet stuff, we think! Next step: seeing how these open classrooms actually work! Take a peek at our video to see how the Nexus kindergarten kids learn about the five senses…

Kids learn about the five senses the Nexus way!

Take a peek at our video to see how the open classrooms at Nexus International School (Singapore) take learning to the next level. Today’s lesson? Learning all about the five senses with the cute kindergarteners!

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Curious kids are happy, inspired learners! 

When you’re a kid, curiosity is at its peak! The world is full of fun places to explore, as well as yummy and not-so-yummy foods to experience. Understandably, kids will want to touch, taste, smell, poke, watch, listen and learn more than they ever will at any other time in their lives. And with the freedom that open classrooms give, kids are able to move around, sit and work wherever they want and follow where their curiosity takes them. Plus the more inspiring an environment is, the more inclined kids will be to learn!

What makes Nexus International School (Singapore) stand out 

Nexus is an international school that likes to do things a little differently from other schools. It understands each child is unique, and so is the way they learn. It knows kids thrive and learn better in stimulating and creative environments. And it’s also got students from more than 50 different countries and staff that can speak 25 different languages, all learning and working together to create an inspiring learning community. Want to learn more about its innovative approach to learning, teaching, exploring and creating? Book a tour today! 

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