The rise of toy rentals: Where to rent quality, award-winning toys in Singapore

Overdosed on new toys during the Christmas season? Before you dish out the big bucks for that coveted new toy, think about renting instead – it's a fab money and space-saving way for the kiddos to have new playthings!

Looking for places to rent toys in Singapore? As much as toys bring joy and wonder to the kiddos, they’re also expensive and mess-inducing investments that kids can tire of too quickly. Instead of spending too much money on new toys your littles will eventually (sometimes even quickly) grow out of, save on your family budget by renting them instead. It’s also an incredibly nifty way to minimise clutter, cut down on consumerism and teach your kids about recycling! Offering everything from top-quality, educational and outdoor toys, we suss out the island’s best toy rental services with affordable prices and delivery services.

Rent That Toy
Toy Shelf
Toy Rental World
Toy Shelf
Singapore Toy Rental

Rent-That-Toy offers toys for children from infants to two years and up. For the littlest ones, the activity centres ($40/month) are a bargain; they target both gross motor skills with leg-strengthening exercises and cognitive skills through various sensorial toys. For tots two years and above, FisherPrice toys are available for rent ($8-$55/month). Delivery and pick-ups are available.

Toy Rental World 
In an ideal world, we’d love to give the tinies a play area we could only dream of in our childhoods – one complete with playhouses, slides and kitchen play sets. Sadly for us, living in Singapore means teeny-tiny apartments and being picky when it comes to selecting bulkier toys. Toy Rental World rents out jumperoos, slides, climbers, playhouses and kitchen sets so you can create the ultimate playland for your kids at a nominal cost (without worrying about the permanent mess!). Unlike its competitors, most of its toys are imported from the USA. Aside from delivery and pickup, services also include set-up so you don’t have to puzzle over strange pieces of equipment for hours.
Toy Rental World;

Singapore Toy Rental
Created after seeing how kids dump their new toys in little time, the creators behind Singapore Toy Rental decided to do the eco-conscious (and right) thing by starting a toy rental biz. Toys offered range from the bulky including jumperoos, walkers and seesaws to smaller, infant-appropriate toys. The only downside here is that delivery services are unavailable at the moment. Self-collection and return of toys are to be made strictly by appointment.
Singapore Toy Rental;

Toy-Shelf was created to cater to the very real struggle of homes resembling scrapyards of discarded toys. To solve this problem, the creators decided to rent out toys as a way for kids to have new playthings every month while parents save on both money and space. Toys featured aren’t your run-of-the-mill options – its catalogue features the Hook and Ladder Firetruck, Cowboy Wigwam Tent and the Wooden Toy Play Shop. You can check out some of the goodies available to rent at Chillax market – look for the fun play corner with the teepee! Delivery fees above $40 are waived.

Rent Kiddy Toys 
Unlike its competitors, Rent Kiddy Toys specialises in pedal and battery operated kids’ rides. Meant for households and private occasions, these pedal-powered toys require very little downtime and suit parties with plenty of kids, while the battery-operated ones need extra time to charge. Toys available include the pedal tractors, mechanical riding machines and the “Thomas” Ride-On Train Set great for fans of the popular series.. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t include delivery: you’ll need to personally return these treats.
Rent Kiddy Toys;