Three simple ways to prepare Christmas lunch in Singapore: all your cooking needs sorted!

Arggghhh, is it really Christmas again? Didn’t we just do this? Secretly, we love Christmas. We just wish Santa would add catering to his job description. The good news is, in a way, he has. Here’s how to get your Christmas feast sorted, whether you want the full shebang or just a turkey. We’ve even got a little something for those of you who want to do nothing more than turn on the oven.

Cold Storage Christmas HoneyKids Asia

Cold Storage is your one-stop shop for real trees, advent calendars and all the Christmas trimmings to go with your festive feast.

First, build the atmosphere with a real tree!
It’s just not Christmas without a tree, so before we get to the good stuff – the food! – make sure you set the scene at home with a beautifully fresh fir tree. At Cold Storage you can pick up a lovely tree along with all your meats and Christmas trimmings, so it couldn’t be easier. You can also grab a cute advent calendar (or two, for those inevitable “oops Mum, they opened themselves” moments). Now that’s sorted, let’s get onto lunch…

1. Then go for the full feast
Here’s where you hit ‘add to cart’ and know that pretty much everything is sorted. Catering for 6-10 people, there are four different options in the ‘Christmas Feast’ section at Cold Storage. With names like ‘Fancy Christmas Feast’, ‘Hearty’ and ‘Lavish’, you just know this is going to be fun! We’re talking juicy goodies like Butterball turkey with chestnut stuffing and turkey gravy, Primo Banjo bone-in ham, ribeye roast beef, and delicious sauces of the cranberry, brown, and black pepper variety. Chin wipe, anyone? 

Cold Storage Christmas HoneyKids Asia

Try a classic roast turkey from the mouth-watering selection at Cold Storage.

2. Or, just the meat
Carnivores, you might think all your Christmases have come at once with turkey, beef, ham, lamb and pork all on offer. The turkeys are pre-brined to make sure they’re juicy and tender, with options such as the exclusive Burgers’ Smokehouse turkeys in herb-roasted and honey-roasted flavours, or the turkey breast with pistachio and chestnut stuffing. If you’re prone to poultry indecision, the Three Bird Roast will sort you out, with its tasty mixture of turkey, duck and chicken. If you prefer some red meat on your festive table, check out the rich and delish ribeye roast beef, and the handmade, slow cooked bone-in-ham.

3. Or, even easier: grab a ready-to-cook roast
For those who’d like to devote their attention to prepping the vegies, entertaining guests, or hiding in the egg nog corner, the ready-to-cook roasts packed in ovenproof bags are sounding very merry indeed. Just throw the Christmas spice beef roast, the pistachio and mustard beef roast, or the Japanese-inspired green tea and lemon myrtle beef roast straight in the oven, and voila! Less than two hours later you’re the Santa of Christmas roasts. 

HoneyKids Cold Storage Christmas feast

Finish things off with the delicious almond pie.

And now for the gifts and dessert
We hear that if you’re on the ‘nice’ list, Christmas orders at Cold Storage might just show up with a free gift* such as a cheese board, a sports cooler bag, or a wine decanter. Merry Christmas, feasters! But if you do forget Grandma’s gift, we’re sure all will be forgiven when you serve up some King’s almond pie, or a lovely slice of panettone.

Right. Now lunch is organised, who’s up for a nap?

*while stocks last.

This post is sponsored by Cold Storage.