The Whole Kitchen: Gluten-free breads, cakes and snacks that are low in sugar

Breads, cakes and snacks that are nutritious and yummy? This is the lunch box shake-up you’ve been waiting for…

Does a small part of you die everytime you’ve let your kids eat way too much cake or sweet treats? Or do you have a little one who has an allergy to gluten, and you feel sorry for them since they’re not able to taste most of the yummy baked goods out there? Then prepare yourself for some good news. We’ve found some peops who are about to shake your kitchen up, and reinvent your kiddo’s ‘healthy food is boring’ attitude forever.

The Whole Kitchen is the whole deal when it comes to nutritionally-sound, locally made snacks that even the fussiest members of the crew will love. You’ll be devouring breads, nut mixes and granolas so packed with flavour, you’ll never realise there’s not a whiff of sugar overload involved! A cunning way to get your kiddos to do your bid and reward them with healthy treats – plus, good news for your waistline as well! It’s no wonder then that we’ve decided to make The Whole Kitchen our new BFF…

Who are The Whole Kitchen?
Anne, a certified nutrition health coach, and Susan, a trained chef, both hail from Australia, but are now based in Singapore. Originally bonding over a shared passion for real food, and the belief that being a time-crunched mum didn’t have to equate to naughty eating habits, they decided to bring their wealth of knowledge – and fabulous food ideas – to the table. The Whole Kitchen is a small business with a big passion for creating healthy and delicious food that is accessible to everyone. You won’t find any nasty additives or preservatives lurking in the delish goodies The Whole Kitchen makes. Since they’re available islandwide in over 70 stores (and counting) and offer an online delivery service, eating well has never been more convenient.

It’s gluten free!
We know the struggle for gluten-intolerant Singapore folk is real, but now’s the time to end it! The Whole Kitchen makes products that are not only full of nutrients, but also naturally free of gluten. Everything is produced in a gluten free facility, and each and every morsel has been professionally tested for gluten. The health claims on the packs are as 100% real as the food is 100% scrumptious. Best. News. Ever.


The Whole Kitchen has guilt-free snacking sussed

Low in sugar doesn’t mean low in taste…
The Whole Kitchen has beaten off the competition when it comes to products that have lower levels of natural sugar. Local honey, organic raw coconut sugar and whole or dried fruits are used in small doses to sweeten the products, without compromising on taste. We’ve all seen what happens to the kiddos when their sugar levels spike… It ain’t pretty! So, by keeping sugar levels low and combining premium ingredients in unique flavour combos, you’ll be feeding the family healthy snacks that taste as amazing as they are nutritionally fabulous.

Knowledge is power…
The Whole Kitchen doesn’t just rest on its laurels once the flavour-packed goodies have been created. These guys are on a mission to sharing knowledge and educating the community on bringing all-round wellness to your life. Catch one of their informative events or talks, and follow them on social to get on board the mental and physical well-being train to a healthier family attitude to dieting and exercise.

More good news…A special offer for our readers
The Whole Kitchen wants EVERYONE to have easy access to healthy, real food – whether you’re on a grocery run, hanging out at a cafe or grabbing an energy boost on the go. So, as part its mission to revolutionise the world of snacks,  from breads, cakes and nut mixes to granolas, and Energy Pearls, The Whole Kitchen is offering our readers a 10% discount for online orders! Hurrah!


Claim this money-saving offer with the code HONEYKIDS when you checkout, and then sit back and wait for your delivery. Not just in the form of a tasty, guilt-free snack or two, but the delivery of a whole new world of easy, healthy food. You’re welcome.

This post is sponsored by The Whole Kitchen