The experts at Eu Yan Sang TCM clinic show how to cure bub’s colds and coughs with TCM

The TCM experts at Eu Yan Sang Clinic give us the full lowdown on how our kids can benefit from paediatric tui na

The longer you’re a parent, the more you realise everyone has their own approach to raising kids. Some breastfeed, some believe in helicopter parenting, some are fine with screen time and some aren’t. And it’s all OK; people will choose whatever works best for their family. So if that means you’d like to consult a TCM physician for any health concerns you might have, like those nasty cold and cough bugs that’ve been going around in Singapore – that’s perfectly fine too. Our suggestion? Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. They’re experts in traditional Chinese medicine and offer paediatric treatments ranging from herbal medication to tui na, a combination of massage and acupressure to children from six months all the way up to seven years. Here’s how tui na works according to Physician Quek Yiyan from Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic at Tiong Bahru Plaza:

Why do kids get colds and coughs so easily?  

When your little ones start attending pre-school or childcare centres, they become more prone to the nasties. Kids aren’t the most hygenic creatures and germs that cause colds and coughs are usually spread through direct and indirect contact with children who are coughing, sneezing and sharing food and toys – ick! Also, according to TCM experts, because children’s organs aren’t fully developed, they’re more prone to imbalances, especially in the lungs, spleen and kidneys. Diet also plays a big part in keeping kids healthy.

So what should we do?

Apart from giving littlies a balanced diet, making sure they get 10–12 hours of sleep a night and teaching them the importance of proper hygiene, you could also try some TCM-style paediatric massage or tui na. It can be used for various illnesses and is found to be especially effective for respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions. What’s more, it could also help prevent colds and coughs, plus is easy enough for parents to do at home. Want to give it a go? Here’s how:

Note: Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic recommends using baby powder or baby oil to prevent abrasions when massaging your tot. Start off with massaging acupoints on the upper limbs, followed by acupoints on the lower limbs. For the upper limbs, you can choose to massage just one arm.

Here are some acupoints for the common cold: 

Clear Tian He Shui

Hold the child’s wrist with one hand to expose the inner side of the child’s forearm. Then use your index and middle fingers of your other hand to stroke from the wrist crease all the way to the elbow crease. You can also use this for coughs. Repeat at least 300 times.

Clear Lungs

Use your middle and index fingers to stroke the inner side of the child’s ring finger. Start at the base and continue to the tip of the finger. Repeat 500 times.

Push Kan Gong

Use both your hands to hold your child’s head in place. Using both your thumbs, stroke the inner corners of both eyebrows going outwards. Repeat 100 times.

Massage Tai Yang

The Tai Yang point is located one thumb-width from the midpoint between the outer end of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye. (One thumb-width is equivalent to the width of the child’s thumb at the joint) Use both hands to secure the child’s head and use either your thumbs or middle fingers to massage this acupoint in a small circular motion. Repeat 100 times.

Push Tian Men

Use both hands to hold your child’s head in place. Use both thumbs to stroke the forehead, alternating with the Yin Tang acupoint (in the middle of both eyebrows) and towards the frontal hairline. Repeat 100 times.

Massage Er Hou Gou

This point is located at the bony protrusion behind the ear lobe. Use both middle fingers to massage this acupoint in a small circular motion. Repeat 100 times.

Massage Ying Xiang

Use the tips of your thumbs to massage beside the widest part of the nose in a small circular motion. This acupoint can result in some discomfort so try to leave this to the end of your routine. Repeat 50 times.

According to the experts at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic, putting pressure on these acupoints helps dispel external pathogenic factors (aka the nasties) and also balances out the body. It could also help reduce bub’s chances of falling sick as it’s thought to make the body stronger. The best part? It’s safe, gentle and painless. Almost like a soothing massage, only better!

Want the full TCM treatment experience? Head over to Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic. Through its holistic and personalised approach, it can help prevent and remedy the root of common childhood ailments to minimise the chances of relapse and ensure vitality. Each treatment starts with a consultation with a qualified TCM physician (Eu Yan Sang follows strict clinical guidelines), where you’ll get all the info you’ll need on your child’s condition before being prescribed a personalised treatment.

A TCM clinic you can trust

The folks at Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic take traditional Chinese medicine to the next level with the latest research and methods in the industry. Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic is the only TCM business with a medical board consisting of Western-trained medical specialists and senior TCM physicians. At Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic, you definitely get the best of both worlds!


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