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A nursery open morning at Tanglin Trust School
Learn more about how Tanglin Trust School gets little ones on the path to success during a tour of its Nursery.

With so many nurseries and preschools in Singapore, it’s hard to know where to enrol your tiny tot. So it’s definitely worth heading over to tour one of your shortlisted schools – you’ll get to tour the campus, meet the incredibly passionate teachers and gain an understanding of the school ethos. All your questions will be answered: what is the curriculum like? How are children’s imaginations captured? How does the environment inspire learning? How does the school prepare the kids for their next steps?

Tanglin Trust School has got it all worked out for every child that walks through its doors, ensuring they leave the nursery with a solid foundation for success. Head over to the school – the oldest British international school in the region – for a tour of its campus!

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A nursery open morning at Tanglin Trust School

Pop along and chat with the team onsite to see if the school is suitable for your child and your family. You’ll also learn about the Curiosity Approach.

The Curiosity Approach Accreditation

Tanglin is the first nursery in Asia to receive the Curiosity Approach Accreditation! Head of Nursery, Victoria Thomas added: “Accreditation would not have been possible without our experienced Nursery team’s self-reflection and rigorous planning to create our carefully inspired learning environment. The children’s higher level of engagement and greater ownership of learning really does provide a solid foundation as they embark on their learning journey at Tanglin.”

What is the Curiosity Approach?

This approach borrows from Reggio, Steiner, Te Whariki and Montessori curricula. The philosophy states that children learn from three different sources: adults, other children and the physical space around them. The school’s newly revamped environment is set up for kiddos to create joyful experiences in their educational play spaces. How’s that for inspiring children’s innate skills of curiosity and wonder?

How else does the nursery support the Curiosity Approach?

A nursery open morning at Tanglin Trust School

The nursery has recently been transformed into an even calmer, more tranquil environment – making it ideal for children to become engaged in deep levels of sustained thinking. It’s cosy and comfortable, promoting communication friendly play spaces. A sustainable space is also important for Tanglin, so the nursery recycles and reuses its authentic resources, helping develop kiddos into environmentally-friendly citizens of the future.

Sounds good, right? Tanglin really believes that high levels of engagement with tiny tots lead to high levels of attainment in their future academic life… which sounds strange for nursery-aged kids, but it’s important to get them on the path to success!

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