Support and education for special needs kids in Singapore: ASCD’s SEED program

Asher-Solomon Centre for Development SEED early intervention program HoneyKids Asia
Asher-Solomon Centre for Development has launched a new intensive program to help children with special needs become more independent, school-ready and to reach their potential. Welcome to SEED.

If you’re the parent of a child with special needs in Singapore, or a child at risk of learning difficulties, we understand what really matters: early intervention and support that will put your child on the path to independence – and integration into school life. To help make that difference for families, Asher-Solomon Centre for Development has designed a new therapy-based, holistic, educational program: Support and Education for Early Development (SEED), which launches in August 2017.

The kids who will benefit:
The Asher-Solomon Centre for Development serves families all across Singapore, and SEED has been specially created for kids ages three to seven who need support with their communication skills, social skills, motor skills and cognitive development. Your child may be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory integration challenges, speech or developmental delay – at ASCD, all children are seen as individuals with their own gifts, and incredible potential.

The goal at SEED is to develop each child’s capacities – be it communication skills, social skills, motor planning and sensory capacities – to help them interact with others, play and learn in a group setting for future participation at school. “We want our kids to work towards independence and taking control of their emotions and body,” explains founder Sharon Solomon.


Asher-Solomon Centre for Development SEED early intervention program HoneyKids Asia

Developing your child’s fine motor skills through occupational therapy is part of the program at SEED.

Intensive support with an amazing team
You’ve probably tried a schedule of occupational therapy here, some speech therapy there and felt that one hour, once a week isn’t making an impact. SEED is all about helping children feel engaged and emotionally secure with intensive and sustained support. The program is five days a week, 8.30am to 2pm with a full team of specialists under one roof: your child will spend their days with a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, art and play therapist, drama teacher, special education needs teacher plus teaching and therapy assistants for each class. SEED’s team of experts will provide unparalleled support for the kids, and work closely with parents to empower them to make a difference at home too.

Asher-Solomon Centre for Development SEED early intervention program HoneyKids Asia

Kids enjoy art therapy as part of their day in the SEED program.

Firing up the senses and unleashing potential
Children at SEED enjoy jam-packed days: yes there are numeracy and literacy sessions, but here the kids enjoy learning through a multisensory and play-based approach. Think sand play, movement exercises, drama and art, and activities that encourage mindfulness. The Asher-Solomon Centre for Development is located on the same campus as The Winstedt School (which operates independently), but kids have access to the school’s fantastic facilities including two specialised gyms, a library, playground and cafeteria. The entire class participates in group occupational therapy and speech therapy throughout the week, but as part of SEED’s targeted approach, your child can access individual therapy during their day, according to their needs.

The need-to-knows
SEED is launching 14 August 2017, and terms will run for eight weeks throughout the majority of the calendar year. Fees per month are $4,500 per child. School bus transport is available and healthy lunches and snacks can be ordered in advance through a bespoke caterer.

For an initial consultation, email the lovely team at SEED at or call 6715 5386.

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