Stokke Xplory stroller review: is this the most thoughtfully designed pram for families?

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We asked local mum Cassandra Yeo to test the Stokke Xplory with her little girl Alexa: here she talks about bonding with baby and what makes for a good ride…

Choosing the best stroller for your baby – and your lifestyle – is all about finding ‘the one’. Want to know more about that unmistakable Stokke Xplory stroller you keep seeing around town? Read on for more about the story behind that distinctive design that raises baby higher. Hint: it’s all about that parent-child connection…

There’s a feeling all mums and dads remember from that first trip out in the stroller together. There’s the excitement of your first big adventure, a bit of nervous stroller-wrangling until you find your groove, and the heart-bursting warm and fuzzies of watching your baby’s face as they take in the world around them. And it never grows old (even when the adventures are to the supermarket and perhaps a little less exciting).

There is, of course, a lot going on behind the scenes to make those jaunts to the cafe or park a breeze. First of all, it has to be a safe ride, with baby secured in a five-point harness; it has to be comfy (for parents too!); effortless to zip around town with; and keep you moving as your little one (and your family) grows. Stokke has it all covered: every single one of this Norwegian brand’s clever designs is thought through so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can get on with the good times. Stokke lends a hand with that too, of course: the Stokke Xplory’s distinctive design, which raises your baby higher, isn’t just for good looks. It’s to encourage that all-important eye contact and interaction, because we all know there’s nothing lovelier than exploring the world together.

Cassandra and nine-month-old Alexa.

Cassandra and nine-month-old Alexa.

Cassandra Yeo, who works in sales and marketing and is mum of nine-month-old Alexa, has been road-testing the Stokke Xplory for us: going on all-important visits to grandma’s house, hitting the shops and strolling around their neighbourhood in Pasir Ris. Here’s why mum and daughter are loving their new ride…

“Alexa seems pretty happy and comfortable wherever we are, even with hustle and bustle going on around her. We love heading out to the parks around Singapore and exploring some hidden gems. In our neighbourhood, we love to go walking in Pasir Ris – it’s quiet, people are always smiling and friendly, and the air is just more crisp and clear here. This is where we’ve been taking the Stokke Xplory out for spins.


Cass loves the stability of the stroller, which gives her confidence that Alexa is safe and comfy on their outings.

My first thought about the Stokke Xplory was that this is a really good looking stroller. I love the Scandinavian design; it’s very simple yet very cool and a little out of the ordinary. It really catches the eye. In fact, every time we go out I see heads turn and hear comments like “oh that’s the Stokke pram!”. The grey melange colour is very nice, and it matches any clothing, whether mine or baby’s. The stroller is clearly well constructed with quality finishes and durable parts that can take the daily abuse of city life. I really love how firm the entire stroller is when we’re out and about. This is really important as a stable stroller gives me confidence and feels safe for the baby.

It’s not a small stroller, but I’ve yet to find myself in a difficult situation with the Stokke Xplory. I’ve tried it out on taxi and bus trips, and it’s very manageable. Has it made my life easier? Definitely so. Everything is so ergonomic. I’ve tried out various positions to find the ideal height that will be easiest for baby and I to interact, and it’s really easy to adjust the height when my husband is using the stroller. We only had to practice making the height adjustments once, and then it was no trouble. I can see that a huge amount of thought has gone into the design of this stroller, with details such as the fixed external bag. The fact that the bag sits securely on the outside and not underneath the baby really makes life easier, as I never have to dig around to find things. The manoeuvrability of the stroller is also excellent: it’s very easy to move around, even with one hand, so even when I’m on the phone it’s easy to push!

The best feature for me is being able to have her seated facing me as well as the other way round if needed. Making sure Alexa feels assured and comforted when she can see me close to her is so important. For me, this is the best thing about being a mum: being able to spend time bonding and watching my little one grow day by day.

Alexa is all smiles, so I think she’s definitely enjoying her time in the Stokke Xplory!”

All smiles! Alexa loves her new ride.

All smiles! Alexa loves her new ride.

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