The secret’s out: (Book) fairies do exist!

We spy with our little eye... a free book waiting to be read! The coolest ever international book reading movement has finally reached the shores of Singapore!

What if we told you that fairies were real? And instead of using their magic to help flowers and plants grow while not busy causing mischief, they’ve decided to share a love of books instead! The Book Fairies have (finally!) been spotted around Singapore and they’ve been leaving a trail of cool reads in their wake! The fairies have been hard at work sharing all kinds of books around our little city, so keep your eyes open. Word on the street is that there have been book sightings in Kandahar Street, Chip Bee Gardens, Changi Airport and even The Singapore Zoo!

How do we join in with this brilliant initiative?
Although it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to sit down and enjoy a book, we still love sneaking a great read when we can. And we definitely love a good surprise! All these things come together with The Book Fairies – all it takes is some green ribbon, a sticker, a book you want to share and some sneaky hiding skills.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Photography: The Book Fairies Singapore

Get the kids involved!
If you’ve been looking for a way to encourage your child to read more (and get off those darned devices), The Book Fairies could be the way forward! Kids love intrigue and a ‘secret mission’ so it won’t be hard to convince them to go in search of hidden books with a telltale green ribbon and sticker – It’ll certainly take “Eye Spy With My Little Eye” to the next level. If they’re keen to share books, encourage them to hide it in a super secret place for other kids to hunt – but not so difficult they’ll never be found! Playgrounds, parks, shopping malls and around your ‘hood are good starting points.

If you’d like to become a fairy –a Book Fairy, that is– visit The Book Fairies website and buy a package of ribbons and stickers. As soon as you get them in the mail, you can start wrapping your favourite books, pop a little sticker on top and leave them wherever you want. Or if you’re a book lover and on the search for your new page turner, keep your eyes peeled for that distinct green ribbon! One thing’s for sure: this is the perfect school holiday activity to keep busy with over the summer! See you out there, Book Fairies!