Review: The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice in Singapore

If you are looking for something fun to do with the children during the Easter holidays here in Singapore, and need a break from all that Easter craft, then we’ve found a kid-friendly performance that’s as cool as ice. The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice has skated into town as part of its global tour, and we caught all the action on opening night. From a twirling Nemo to an icy Olaf, a whirling Simba to a toe-tapping Woody, this show is a guaranteed hit for Disney fans of all ages…

Just when we thought that Moana had replaced Elsa in the hearts of our Disney princess loving kiddos, The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice has come to Singapore and Frozen-mania has hit our household again! The icy royal siblings have skated their way back into favour with a cool ice dance version of their tale (much to the delight of the many little girls who came dressed in their Elsa finest: Me? I’m all for Anna – but I couldn’t find a costume to fit). Olaf scored big cheers too with his madcap moments, and with pyrotechnics, THAT song, actual snowfall and some impressive ice dancing moves, even us grown-ups who have sat through the movie a million times were left loving Frozen all over again.


Possibly the cutest thing on a pair of skates ever! Baby Dory shows us her moves (before she forgets them).

The show isn’t all about princesses though (much to the relief of my four-year-old son): there’s plenty of Disney action for all ages with retro classics like Mickey Mouse and his gang, to the more modern hits including Toy Story, Lion King and Finding Dory (there may never be a cuter character to hit an ice rink than baby Dory).

From start to finish you can expect your favourite Disney tunes, amazing costumes (how they managed to get a life-size elephant on the ice as part of the Aladdin story, we’ll never know), jaw-dropping ice stunts and a case of the warm and fuzzies you never would have thought possible sitting next to an ice rink. It’s not cold by the way: we didn’t need the winter wardrobe we came prepared with!

The Toy Story gang bring their own brand of fun to the ice: look out for the twirling soldiers!

The show was flawless. The tickets reasonably priced (seats start at $25, and although those seats are somewhat up in the rafters, the rink is positioned so that wherever you are, you should get a good view). There’s plenty of food and drink choices, but they aren’t easy on the wallet: be prepared to fork out $18 for cotton candy and $14 for popcorn (and that’s before the kids spot the Disney merchandise booths!) Our advice? Eat at home before the show.

The show is skating out of town almost as quickly as it arrived (it’s running until 19th March), so grab your tix, enjoy the non-stop Disney magic, and expect the kids to be demanding ice skating lessons before the show is even over.

The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice, National Indoor Stadium:

Photography: Courtesy of Disney on Ice