Shopping for kids in Singapore: UNIQLO launches My First Outfit concept

Oh to be a kid again: UNIQLO just launched the My First Outfit experience for small fashionistas in Singapore, and we want to try it too!

It’s a fine parenting line between wanting your child to start showing signs of independence, but not wanting them to wear a DIY cardboard box robot to the supermarket, which is why we were stoked to hear about UNIQLO’s launch of the My First Outfit initiative! This cool concept gives kids the chance to not only select their own clothes, but to also start experimenting with their sense of style and throwing together unique looks that work for them – without parent interference! The free-of-charge service has launched exclusively at the Suntec City store, where small fashionistas can mix up gender neutral threads with a dash of neon if they so wish, and pull together stylish ensembles entirely of their own making. Ride with it, parents – they are not always going to want a wear a bobble hat with a summer tee…

Kids will love mixing and matching it up (without parent’s opinions) during a My First Outfit session

How it works
Easy peasy: just register for a session by filling in this form, and applicants will be notified via email with a designated date and time. Once you’re all booked, set off to the Suntec UNIQLO store for your My First Outfit appointment! You’ll be greeted by a friendly bunch of team members who’ll kick off the fun by explaining to the kids the concept of putting together the perfect (or not so perfect) outfit. At this point parents (and their opinions) will be banned from the store (lurking outside is allowed if you really do want to stay close) and young trendsetters will begin their shopping spree under the watchful eye of UNIQLO staff. Once armloads of funky looks and snazzy outfits have been chosen, it’s off to the changing room for a try-on sesh. Finally, once THE outfit has been well and truly nailed, parents will be invited back to the fashion party for the grand reveal of your snappy little dresser’s chosen look (smile regardless, people).

Sounds like a whole heap of fun to us. We only wish there had been a My First Outfit concept when we were kids – we may have been able to avoid that brown cord dress with yellow and green tartan piping mum chose for a family photo session circa 1979…

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