School holidays in Singapore: Interactive exhibitions at ArtScience Museum

Artscience Museum raises the bar yet again with three fun and interactive exhibitions to keep the whole gang entertained this December.

There’s no hiding our love for the ArtScience Museum. In fact, it’s officially become our go-to family hangout when we’re in need of some indoor fun. The exhibitions and activities they cooked up during the June and September holidays definitely held our little ones spellbound, and we can’t wait to head back this December! Read on to find out what the museum has planned for the end of the year…


Watch a Christmas town come to live at Sketch Christmas

Future World : Where Art Meets Science
This permanent exhibition should be no stranger to most. Filled with interactive digital artworks, Future World has been a hit so far with kids and adults alike. We’re especially loving the part which allows us to slide to the next section via a fruit field (hey, we’re kids too when we wanna be!). Another highlight is Sketch Christmas (launching 1 December), a fictitious Christmas town installation with local landmarks like the Merlion, the Singapore Flyer, and the ArtScience Museum. Give Santa in Sketch Christmas a tap on the screen and watch him deliver presents! Then, make your mark on the town by sketching your own artwork, watching it come to life, and even bringing it home in a 3D version! Be sure to also sign up for Live Printing with Fictive Fingers, a specially curated workshop. You’ll get to print your very own tote bag with exclusive designs by textile studio Fictive Fingers.  

Treasures of the Natural World ArtScience Museum Honeykids Asia Singapore

Meet the fearsome sabre toothed cat at Treasures of the Natural World

Treasures of the Natural World
Opening 25 November, Treasures of the Natural World presents the best of London’s Natural History Museum’s collection. Learn about the scientific, historical and cultural narratives of the natural world through hands-on activities within the exhibition. Kids can look forward to role playing as an explorer at the various treasure stops – they’ll get to set sail on a boat, find famed explorer Wallace or craft their own paper artwork! With six different sections in the exhibition, we’re especially hyped about meeting the enigmatic sabre toothed cat, a lion sized predator with terrifying teeth and a killer reputation. Also on our list is tracing the historical footprints of the extinct Dodo Bird (through its remnants on display), and coming into close quarters with an Ancient Egyptian mummified cat.


Into The Wild presents a cool virtual reality experience

Into the Wild
This multi-award winning installation’s got a serious message behind it. Into the Wild highlights the urgency of rainforest conservation in Southeast Asia, and the fragility of natural habitats for endangered animals. Visitors will step into the role of a ranger and explore a virtual rainforest (courtesy of state-of-the-art depth-sensing and motion-tracking technology). This involves spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, defending the environment and planting a virtual tree. After that, you can pledge to WWF and make a real world impact – you’ll have a real tree planted on your behalf in Rimbang Baling, Indonesia. Photos of the tree will be sent to your phone, with the exact coordinates so you can watch it on Google maps as it grows. How cool is that!  

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