We review The Great Moscow Circus: a show-stopping spectacular for the whole family

The Great Moscow Circus is back in town and we rolled up last Friday in our best circus chic to catch the show...

The Great Moscow Circus is back in Singapore for the first time in over 10 years, and while the tent is brand new, the cast definitely is not. The circus features an eclectic and star-studded cast of acrobats, contortionists, daredevils and jugglers, each and every one of them showing off larger-than-life performances that we were lucky enough to catch on opening night. Prepare for a rollercoaster of a circus ride: we were holding our breath in suspense through most of it and, at times, were even too amazed to clap! As a major bonus, you won’t find any animals in this wild circus. We definitely gave a little cheer when we found out the show is one hundred percent animal act-free. Step right up and find out what we loved about this truly awesome circus ride…


The Gerling Team definitely flew high (and low) in this act. Photography: The Great Moscow Circus

The acts keep on comin’ and range from whacky clown acts to Tajikistan’s rubber man, through to the death-defying big bills of the show including our own three faves, Double, Double Giant Wheel, the Catwall Acrobats and the Fast Track Acrobats.

It’s fast, it’s furious and there are plenty of ‘hiding behind fingers’ moments when the impressive Gerling Team take on a giant wheel in a series of fearless acrobatic stunts that had our minds literally spinning into orbit trying to work out how four humans could perform such feats! It has to be said: these guys looked like they were enjoying themselves, but it’s probably a good idea to remind the kiddos that this stuff is mega dangerous, and NOT to be tried at home!

There were more whirlwind acrobatics thanks to the Catwall Acrobats timing things perfectly on an impressive glass wall, and a  colourful and fast-paced acrobatic performance by The Rubstovs. Have you ever seen someone spring into a triple mid-air somersault? Well we now have! 

We can’t mention the mind-blowing line-up without a nod to Sixto and Lucia, who starred on America’s Got Talent (did we mention the cast were a talented bunch?). We could certainly do with a tip or two from these guys on ‘quick change’ – it would deffo come in handy when the kids throw something gross our way and we need to change! Seeing is believing, and yet even up close we still have NO idea how they did it! Endless outfit changes in the blink of an eye… literally. 

The whole show is wonderfully slick and full of all the thrills and spills required of great family-friendly entertainment: all while led by ringmaster, Stanislav Knyazkov (who just so happens to be top notch clown and juggler himself!) in a way that keeps you hooked for the entire spectacle. Bravo, to each and every performer!


We loved the fact that the performances are supported by a live band as well as music tracks (for added epic-ness). At one point, Rolla Bolla artist, Sascha William even jams out on an electric guitar while balancing precariously at a height! #mindblown


Imagine being in this structure! Photography: The Great Moscow Circus

While not the highlight of the evening, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the equipment set-ups and changes between each act. It was an engineering marvel to see stagehands buzz in and buzz back out again creating amazing backdrops for the performers: all at breakneck speeds. A circus trick, almost, in its own right! The most impressive set change of all? All eyes were glued to centre stage when the Globe of Death (a massive steel cage that became a circular track for four motorcycles to drive around) was wheeled in for the grand finale. And grand finale it was (we were also a little relieved when it was over so we could breath again). 


Make sure everyone is fed and watered
There are snacks available to buy including cotton candy and popcorn, but for $8 for a fist-sized bucket and $5 for a soft drink, that’s going to punch a serious kid-shaped hole in your wallet, so do your eating and drinking before you get there.

Don’t worry about seating
While ringside seats are great for getting up close and personal, the big top is a fantastically strategic venue that ensures each and every member of the audience will be able to see. No craning of necks required.

Grab some earplugs
It’s possible we were just unfortunate to be seated too close to a speaker, but they were LOUD. As the show is so immensely visual, there’s no harm at all in taking along some noise-cancelling headphones, especially for more delicate ears.

Prepare to get involved
Whether you’re just cheering from the sidelines, or a lucky member chosen by the clown act or the ringmaster, young or old, the audience definitely isn’t left out. So prepare to have tons of fun!

The Great Moscow Circus
Date: 25 October – 25 November 2018
Time: Tue – Fri: 4pm, 7.30pm; Sat: 12pm, 4pm, 7.30pm; Sun: 11am, 3pm, 6.30pm; Public Holiday: 12pm,
Where: Under The Mighty Big Top At Bayfront Avenue, beside Marina Bay Sands, (Alight at Bayfront Station Exit E)
Cost: From $35 to $155
Buy your tickets from SISTIC

Top image: Catwall Acrobats The Great Moscow Circus

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