Review: dance classes for kids at Tanglin Arts Studio

Twinkle Toes Review Tanglin Arts Studio Honeykids Asia Singapore
HoneyKids founder Chris Edwards and her eight-year-old toe tapper review a term of jazz dance at Tanglin Arts Studio

If you have someone at home that just breaks into dance at every occasion, we totally recommend enrolling in a professional dance class. The love of dance is something you keep with you for life. 

My 8-year-old daughter Evie was constantly dancing, and singing (and swinging) around the house, and although she was enrolled in gymnastics, swimming, soccer AND tennis … she has just completed a term of Jazz Dance at the Tanglin Arts Studio. The verdict: she loved it.

Tanglin Arts Studio Honeykids Asia Singapore

The love of dance is something you keep with you for life.

The Tanglin Arts Studio has new a studio conveniently located the Hollandse Club on Camden Park. It’s a great spot, especially with the newly renovated casual café at the club – so you can catch up with friends over breakfast while your little one is tapping and bopping away inside.

The Tanglin Arts Studio offers a wide range of classes and follows the ATOD – an Australian dance curriculum. But what we loved most was the passionate and supportive instructors.

The instructors really connect with each student, and you can clearly see they are focused on building confidence and creating a character building experience for the students. (And at first, we thought we were just here for the dance moves!)

My little dancer is not the most coordinated and joined the dance class at relatively late stage (lots of students start at three or four years old), but at no point has she felt anything but encouraged by her wonderful dance instructor.

Jazz is definitely one of the activities Evie is going to keep up over the next few years. Besides, anything that can support and encourage character development, whilst also fuelling those dancing feet is a winner in our book. Plus those little leotards are stupidly cute! Cancelling the tennis lessons as we speak….

Tanglin Arts Studio Honeykids Asia Singapore

Dance like nobody’s watching!

Curious to know if you’re secretly raising a little Billy Elliot or Misty Copeland? Tanglin Arts Studio is offering free classes for a whole week, from 9 until 13 January 2018. And if you sign up for the term, your kiddo will receive free goodies and an invitation to the school’s super fun ice cream and popcorn day. Don’t miss this fantastic, one-off opportunity and sign up!

Contact Tanglin Arts Studio for a trial or private lesson today.

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