GEMS (Singapore) shares the secret to raising confident, successful kids

GEMS (Singapore) Early and Primary Years Deputy Principal Mike Gilmour gives us the lowdown on how the school builds confident learners

If there’s one thing parents worry about, it’s raising kids to be successful, well-rounded adults. We find ourselves questioning our parenting methods all the time… Are we being overprotective? Are we doing things right? With all this doubt, it’s important that the school we choose for our kids has our back every step of the way.

That’s why the folks at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) focus on holistic learning that develops students’ academic outcomes, nurtures core human values and builds real-life skills. It knows that academic results are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to success in the real world – confidence, values and real-life skills are just as important! HoneyKids recently had a chat with Mike Gilmour, the Deputy Principal for the Early/Primary Years at GEMS (Singapore). He gave us the lowdown on how the school is building confident learners in a friendly environment that students love:

Encourage kids to follow their passions!  

When kids are passionate about what they’re learning, they’ll be more engaged for sure. Back in our day learning direction was dictated entirely by teachers: students didn’t get a look in. Hands up who felt unmotivated and pretty disengaged at times when trying to learn in such an environment?Educators at GEMS (Singapore) believe that every student has the potential to be great. They created a caring and child-focused environment where students are fully engaged in their learning and passionate about things they discover every day. This kind of environment enables students to build confidence and 21st-century skills to be successful in an undefined world.

Anything is possible at GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

It’s OK to make mistakes

Many kids grow up believing that they need to be perfect: get the highest IB scores, get into the best universities, land a coveted spot on the varsity team… it’s relentless! But making mistakes and not always being the best of the best is GOOD for kids. At GEMS (Singapore) teachers encourage students to be confident and take risks, challenge them to make mistakes and inspire them to find creative way in solving problems.

Help kids understand their own value

The world is quick to tell our children who they are and who they aren’t, which makes it difficult for them to know their value. That’s why it’s important for both parents and teachers to make an effort to show that they recognise hard work when they see it. “When one knows their value and what they offer the world, they are then confident to share that,” says Mike Gilmour. And we couldn’t agree more.

So, if you’re looking for a school that nurtures confident learners, look no further than GEMS World Academy (Singapore). Through a blend of a caring, child-focused environment, cutting-edge facilities, low student-teacher ratio and globally experienced and passionate teachers, you can expect outstanding learning opportunities for your child.

Seeing is believing: take a personal tour to meet with the Education Leadership team and find out more about GEMS (Singapore) and find out if this top international school could be the school you’ve been looking for.

This post is sponsored by GEMS World Academy (Singapore)