Indoor play in Singapore: Playeum’s new children’s exhibition launches for the summer school holidays

Playeum, The Laundry Room, Singapore

HoneyKids is just back from a sneak-preview of the new Playeum exhibition, all in a buzz about the hundreds of ways kids can interact and get creative with everything this amazing play-space and exhibition experience has to offer! Pop this one in the diary, folks: Making It Home – Dreaming Rooms, Making Spaces, Creating Places, Playeum’s brand new exhibit opens on 16 May!

Led by Creative Director and Pedagogical Advisor, Esther Joosa, the exhibition is inspired by children’s ideas of the home. It allows children and parents to experience the home as a source of many ordinary materials that can have multiple purposes in supporting imagination, innovation and sustainability. Part art exhibit, part Willy-Wonka’s-tinkering-workshop, kids can get really hands-on concocting all sorts of imaginary things, inspired by the interactive artworks around them and assisted by Playeum’s ‘playworkers’, who are there to lend a helping hand if required.

The spaces within Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity have been transformed into different ‘rooms’, each with a different purpose, and children can enjoy opportunities to explore, experiment and redefine. The exhibition, aimed at children from ages one to 12, invites them to come and tinker and create.

Ordinary household items are the star of this parent-accompanied exhibition and we loved the central space  Creating Connections. Here, the versatility of PVC drain pipes is explored to make infinite installations, which all create connections. We loved watching the kids work together to configure pipes into magnificent inventions.

Kiddos in a more reflective mood can climb up into The Bedroom: Dreams & Drama exhibit and transform themselves through dress up and make-believe play.

Feeling a little brave and adventurous? The Store-Y Room, a dark space, not unlike the bomb-shelter, or basement store, beckons with funky interactive video and sound play, using technology to make everyday objects come to life with shadows and coloured lights. A little mind-trip we thoroughly enjoyed!

A favourite with the little kids was the sensory play area, The Kitchen: Cooking Up Ideas. Much like running hands through flour, light boxes covered in sand invite little hands to get creative.

HK_Playeum Singapore
The Kitchen - Cooking Up Ideas
HK_Playeum Singapore
The Kitchen - Cooking Up Ideas
HK_Playeum Singapore
The Bedroom - Dreams & Drama
HK_Playeum Singapore
The Central Space - Creating Connections
HK_Playeum Singapore
The Laundry Room - Agile Textiles
HK_Playeum Singapore
Making it Home - Playeum's Children's Centre for Creativity

If you checked out The Art of Speed, Hideaways: Creating With Nature, and A World of Stories, you’ll know you’re going to enjoy this latest offering. The new ‘Making It Home’ exhibition celebrates the home as the hub of creativity, artistry and thinking.

Let your school know about the exhibition too, as children visiting in school groups, and with their families, can enjoy an extravaganza of activities, arranged in the different ‘rooms’ of the home they are exploring.

More awesome programs
The hands-on exhibition is also accompanied by an extensive line-up of holiday camps, creative workshops, ‘Tinkering Sunday’ sessions and many other creative and art-inspired activities.

Check out the cool workshops on offer:
Make Your Own Cinema Projector Reel Workshop
For ages 6-12 years old Children and adults will collaborate in learning how to make a cinema projector and a simple projector screen using everyday materials like torchlight, a magnifying glass and cardboard, in this exciting, hands-on workshop. Then, create your own simple movie reel and project it! Take it home and create more movie scenes for hours of fun.
When: Sunday, 25 June 2017, 10:30am – 12:30pm
Cost: $43.50 per adult/child pair (includes full-day admission to the Children’s Centre for Creativity)

To find out more about ‘Making it Home’ and ‘Tinkering Sundays’ visit the Playeum website at

Making it Home launches on the 16th May!
Where: Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity, 47 Malan Road, #01-23 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444
When: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm, May 16th – 29th October 2017
Cost: Child (Includes entry for one accompanying adult): $22 per child, Additional Adult: $10 per adult, Annual Play Pass: $160 per child

Top image: Playeum: Making It Home: Dreaming Rooms, Making Spaces, Creating Places, The Laundry Room

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