Pilates classes in Singapore: The ultimate guide to pilates lessons for mums, from prenatal to postnatal classes, to matwork and reformer classes

Say goodbye to baby weight and pregnancy aches and pains with these top Pilates studios in Singapore

Looking for a Pilates class in Singapore? Whether you’re a busy mum or a nervous mummy-to-be, sticking to your fitness goals can be reaaally difficult. If you long for your pre-baby belly (yet recoil in horror at the thought of another repetitive cardio sesh), consider pilates – it’s the ultimate toning workout designed for the best balance between mind and body. It not only offers physical benefits like better flexibility and core strength, but much-needed calm and peace (if you need even more help on this front, see our guide to meditation for mums and kids). Read on for the best of Pilates studios in Singapore for prenatal and postnatal classes, or weight loss classes that will have you shimmying in your skinny jeans again.

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With the help of experienced therapists and instructors, Focus Pilates will whip your post baby body back into shape with its Postnatal Pilates package

Focus Pilates
Prep your body for birth safely with Focus Pilates’ low-impact prenatal classes  they offer a smorgasbord of benefits like activation of pelvic floor muscles (to keep them strong for birth) and strength-building in the core area to better support your lower back. If you’re a newbie to reformer machines, don’t fret  these will help you exercise more comfortably. Matwork exercises are also included so you can easily repeat them from the comfort of home.

After your delivery, check out the Postnatal Pilates Package to speed up the recovery of your joints and muscles. Not only does it encompass private sessions (to kickstart your recovery) and group sessions, it also includes a 30 minute Real Time Ultrasound session with a qualified physiotherapist, so you can gain non-invasive instant feedback on your core and pelvic floor muscles, to help improve your recovery and Pilates performance.
Focus Pilates, RB Capital Building (Royal Brothers), #08-00, 22 Malacca Street, Singapore 048980, p. 6235 3938 or 302 Orchard Road, #08-03/04 Tong Building, Singapore 238862, p. 6733 8785; www.focuspilates.com.sg

Pilates Bodyworks
Prenatal and postnatal classes at Pilates Bodyworks are low-impact workouts meant for restoring strength and control to areas of the body often tensed up during pregnancy and post delivery  particularly the tummy, back and pelvic floor. Classes are offered in the evenings for that precious spot of me-time before returning to the kids. If you’ve got bigger kids, make pilates a fun, shared experience by signing them up for a Pilates for Kids class (the first of its kind here!) to help them improve their concentration and body strength.
Pilates Bodyworks, 1 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049246, p. 6538 8922; www.pilates.com.sg

PowerMoves.Pilates (1)

Serenity awaits you at PowerMoves Pilates’ breezy studios.

PowerMoves Pilates
This multi-award winner is one of the best-kept secrets of Singapore’s fitness fraternity  its studios are located in green spaces around Singapore (like Dempsey and Bishan Park) and are shrouded in tall, lush vegetation to help you achieve calm and peace in its bright and airy studios. The prenatal matwork classes will improve your alignment and movements to ensure your pregnancy is a smooth and rewarding experience.
PowerMoves Pilates, 6 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249683, p. 6472 2221; www.powermoves.com.sg

Breathe Pilates
You can breathe easy at this studio as it’s backed by physiotherapists, doctors and exercise trainers. Its prenatal Pilates classes (one of the studio’s most popular classes) strengthen pelvic floor and back muscles for a more comfortable delivery. Post-delivery (and recovery), the Mums and Bubs classes will have you regaining strength in your core area and shoulder girdle.
Breathe Pilates,#13-02,1 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 449408; www.breathepilates.com.sg

Upside Motion
This chic minimalistic studio offers a range of 11 Pilates workouts so you can get back into shape according to your own preferences. Prenatal classes will nurture a calm and focused mind for expecting mums while the postnatal ones will boost energy levels and make that pre-baby figure more achievable. Once you’ve fully recovered and ready to take on more intense workouts, Weight Loss Pilates is great for shedding excess baby weight, while Circuit Pilates promises to burn stubborn fat through its rigorous regime.
Upside Motion, 36 Armenian Street, #02-03, p. 6636 6859; www.upsidemotion.com

578654_395920503758918_1632099015_n (1)

Core Fitness’ postnatal classes will gently push you into a faster recovery after your delivery.

Core Fitness
This one-stop hub for physiotherapy and Pilates offers prenatal classes with the option of private or group sessions. Each class is a combination of reformer and matwork and will challenge you within the safety limits of pregnancy. For postnatal classes, private sessions are compulsory prior to the group classes  this way, the instructors are able to assess your needs and preferences to ensure you’re ready for exercise.
Core Fitness, Forum The Shopping Mall, #05-04, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884; www.corefitness.com.sg

Sky Pilates
Relax as you sink into this workout with a view  the studio overlooks the treetops along Orchard Road to set your frazzled mind at ease. Choose from private, semi-private or group classes  whatever suits your fancy. Workouts are based on controlled motion and coordination and will nourish both mother and baby as blood flow and oxygen (thanks to continuous deep breathing) is directed to the abdominal region. Postpartum classes may be low impact as well, but it’ll gently coax your body into recovery before your instructor informs you that you can return to a regular exercise routine.
Sky Pilates, #09-01 Forum (Office Tower), 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884, p. 6100 7597; www.skypilates.com

947293_10151732729506658_1687843873_n (1)

The Couples Prenatal class at Pilates Fitness is designed to bond parents-to-be.

Pilates Fitness
No need for date nights in fancy restaurants  parents-to-be can now bond through a new level of intimacy with a Couples’ Prenatal class. Expecting mums in their second or third trimester can stabilise their bodies through improving balance and posture while dads-to-be can enjoy the myriad benefits pilates offers, such as body toning and weight loss.
Pilates Fitness, 434 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098854; www.pilatesfitness.com.sg

Mother and Child
This mecca for all things mother and baby related will set any of your any niggling worries at ease  its team of midwives, nurses, yoga instructors and first aid instructors are able to answer any of your burning questions regarding your delivery, baby or toddler. The prenatal Pilates classes will stretch the tight muscles around tense areas like the neck and back as well as improve your focus (say goodbye to the notorious ‘baby brain’!).
Mother and Child, Tanglin Mall, #03-11 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933, p. 6836 0063; www.motherandchild.com.sg

Donna O’ Shea Fitness
Getting fit or trim doesn’t have to take place outside the home  if you’re far too tired after work or stuck at home during the dreaded confinement period, personal trainer and Pilates instructor Donna O’ Shea is a true godsend. Feel free to have your girlfriends over too for a relaxing group session. Held on weekdays, travel charges for areas outside certain vicinities do apply.
Donna O’ Shea Fitness, p. 9231 1528, e. info@donnaosheafitness.com; www.donnaosheafitness.com