10 picnic games to try out with the kids

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Nothing beats an afternoon lazing around in the park or beach with a basket full of sandwiches and yummy finger food. If you’re also looking for a little entertainment these games will take your picnic to the next level…

We’re lucky we get to enjoy some truly fabulous weather in Singapore. Barring rainy days, there’s plenty of sunshine to go around that there’s no reason not to head outdoors for some cycling and scooting , or for an easy breezy lunch. We’ve already give you some inspiration on where to head to for a picnic and what to pack in your picnic basket, so here are some ideas on what games to play while you’re out enjoying the sun…

This is one of the easiest games to play at a picnic. You can toss a rubber ball between you and bub or switch it up with a beanbag for older kids. Since they’re soft and lightweight, you won’t have to spend ages chasing after them. If the kids are feeling crafty, they can even make their own beanbag prior to the picnic (a great way to get them to look forward to the day). Here’s a cute step-by-step guide to making ‘chicken’ bean bags.

Older kids will love playing a more challenging game of frisbee. If you have enough players, you can even step it up with a team game of Ultimate Frisbee or try out some cool tricks. Just watch where they toss it – away from the baby please!

Bubbles are a great way to mesmerise any kid, thanks to its wibbly-wobbly whimsical appeal. Plus, who doesn’t love popping them! You can make your own bubble formula with liquid soap (detergent or hand soap) and water and if you want to make them last longer, add sugar or corn syrup. Reuse old bubble wands or a straw or repurpose an old wire coat hanger for some seriously huge bubbles. Get the full tutorial from The Spruce.

Ping pong ball and spoon race
This is a mess-free twist on the classic egg-and-spoon race. Mark out two spots for the kids to run to and from while balancing a ping pong ball on a plastic spoon. A great way to train that hand-eye coordination while tiring out little ones. Also, which kid doesn’t love a bit of competition? Fastest legs win!

Instax photos
Kids love love LOVE taking pictures and looking at them over and over again. So pack an Instax camera in that picnic basket for a fun and super-easy way to keep the kids entertained, while capturing some fond memories.

Rock hunt
If you haven’t done rock hunting yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. There are Facebook groups you can join to find out where all the rock-hunting action is. Then get the kiddos to paint some rocks and hide them for others to find.

Kite flying
Who doesn’t love the challenge of getting a kite up in the air? You can buy a kite or make your own out of recycled materials. Pick a windy spot away from the trees and off you go! Wondering if there are any kite flying limitations in the Lion City? Check out the safety rules stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore before you set off.

Marco polo
This game is just as fun on dry land as it is in water. All you need is a sleeping mask or blindfold. The blindfolded person, who is also the catcher, calls out ‘Marco’ while the runners have to answer ‘Polo’ as they try not to get caught. To make it easier for little ones, the runners have ten seconds to find a spot and can’t move until they’ve been found.

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?
A classic playground game, but great for picnics too. One person is chosen to play ‘Mr Wolf’ and the others form a line behind.The players need to ask ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ and move however many steps ‘Mr Wolf’ says the time is (e.g. If it’s ‘5pm’ the players move five steps; ‘2pm’ and the players move two steps). Every time they take a step forward, someone from the line-up has to go up to tap ‘Mr Wolf’ on the back, at which point ‘Mr Wolf’ can turn around and try to catch them. Alternatively, if ‘Mr Wolf’ feels like they entire group is close enough, he or she can declare ‘It’s lunchtime!’, turn around the try to catch any one person. If the players return to the start line before ‘Mr Wolf’ catches them, they’re safe.

Water guns/water balloons
What better way to end your picnic than with some water play! If the park is particularly busy, best to limit it to water pistols, if not, water balloons and super soakers are fair game. Beaches are a great place to play this, since they have an endless supply of water, but if you’re at a park, make sure to bring some back-up H2O, especially if there isn’t a tap or water dispenser nearby. Oh, and some towels and a change of clothes, of course!   

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