Here’s how Stamford American International School sets its students up for success

Because there’s more to success than just good grades

Every parent wants to raise successful and well-rounded kids. Which is why it’s so important that the school we choose is onboard with all the goals we want our children to work towards. So when it comes to putting kids on the track to success, Stamford American International School (SAIS) has it sussed for sure. Come see for yourself just what SAIS has on offer by heading over to its open house on 7 December for Early Years, and 14 December for Elementary and Secondary. This is your chance to check out just how fantastic the teaching staff, academic programmes and facilities really are at SAIS.

A school where ALL kids can succeed

If it’s a top notch international school where ALL students graduate with a US High School Diploma then you absolutely need SAIS on your school list radar. This is also a school where students are able to pursue an IB or AP diploma, because no matter where your child’s strengths and passions lie, there’s a pathway for every student! In fact, students are encouraged to personalise their own educational journeys with help from a dedicated Academic & College Counselling team. It’s never too early for your kids to take an interest in how and what they learn, after all. The wonderful team works closely with all students to ensure that each individual’s capabilities and interests are aligned with their graduation pathway. No student is left behind.

No matter where your child’s strengths and passions lie, there’s a pathway for every student.

It knows that being well-rounded counts!

SAIS knows that success goes beyond academic achievements. That’s why it’s dedicated to developing and inspiring its students holistically: academically, socially, intellectually and physically.

Portrait of a sports champion

Our interview with Max and Levente, two Stamford swimmers who’ve competed on an international level, has got us pumped to learn more about Stamford American International School’s Sports Program. Check out the video now!#stamfordamericaninternationalschool #sponsored

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Monday, 8 January 2018

A great athletics program

Blending high-quality teaching with world-class facilities, the Athletics Program provides equal sporting opportunities tailored to the needs of each student. And with over 350 after-school activities and 96 competitive sports teams, there’s a sport for everyone! It’s not all about winning though: at Stamford, sport goes beyond the ‘success’ of being the best: it also focuses on the development of character, life skills, teamwork and respect.

Learning beyond the classroom

There’s no better way to learn about the real world than to be immersed in it. At SAIS, the Academic Field Studies program gives students from as young as Grade 3 real-life experiences across Singapore, South East Asia and beyond to teach them practical life lessons they won’t find in the classroom. And what does this make for? Compassionate, engaged, ecologically literate global citizens totally prepared for a life in and beyond Singapore.

In the 21st century, success means more than good grades.

An appreciation for the Arts  

Got an aspiring actor or director on your hands? SAIS seamlessly combines passion with world-class facilities to nurture your budding artiste’s talent with its Performing Arts Program. And as we all know, the arts encourages creativity, critical thinking, excellent communication skills and collaboration – skills 21st century kids need to be successful in the future.

Interested in experiencing Stamford American International School for yourself? Come along to the Early Years Open House on 7 December or 14 December for Elementary and Secondary levels. And if you can’t make those dates, fear not. Have a chat with one of the friendly members of the admissions team to book your campus tour for a time that suits.


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