UWCSEA’s annual Open Days are here again!

Get the full lowdown on what makes UWCSEA such an amazing school and how you can apply to join the community from August 2020

It’s true that UWCSEA is one of Singapore’s longest-established K-12 international schools. And if numbers are anything to go by, its also one of the most successful – there are 5,500 students across two campuses, and in May 2019 a graduating cohort of 561 students achieved an IB Diploma average of 36.6 in the widest selection of IB Diploma subjects offered by any school on the island.

But what isn’t so widely known is that it doesn’t take years of waiting to secure a place.

In fact, UWCSEA’s unique annual application cycle means that every year, families with school-aged children of any age can apply for a place, with an opportunity for their child to join the next academic year. Our suggestion? Head to one of UWCSEA’s annual open days, happening this September and October, for the full lowdown on everything UWCSEA before putting in your application in for the August 2020 cycle. Here are the deets:

Applying at UWCSEA 

UWCSEA has a unique system which gives all families with school-aged children a chance to join the school each year. The two key factors that help make this work are:

  1. the College follows an annual application cycle, meaning that each September, families can apply for a place for the following August at the start of the academic year; and,
  2. in most grades a new ‘set’ is opened each academic year, which means an additional 22 places are created in many grade levels.

All applicants are considered for these ‘new’ places plus any additional ‘leaver’ places created by families leaving Singapore. If you’re looking further in advance, simply fill out the Registration of Interest form to receive alerts before applications open for the year of entry you are looking for. In many grades, more students apply than there are places so its best to apply early so your child can be considered for all available places from the first round of offers in November. Interestingly, places aren’t offered ‘first come, first served’ and nor are they offered to only the strongest academic candidates. Instead, UWCSEA’s holistic admissions criteria considers a students background, life experience and potential ‘fit’ with the school and its values when assessing each application.

Open Days at UWCSEA

There’s no better way to learn about a school than to visit the campus yourself. You’ll see how UWCSEA encourages a diverse community of learners (it’s got more than 90 different nationalities!) to thrive and learn together in purpose-built, multi award-winning campuses. The Open Days are a once-a-year chance to hear from students and teachers about their experiences, and to see the classrooms in action on a tour led by teachers (in Primary School) or students (in Middle and High School). You’ll also get the chance to talk to the admissions team – and to current parents of students at the school. Its a pretty cool way to get an insiders view of what its really like to attend UWCSEA, we think!

Why we love UWCSEA 

UWCSEA’s holistic approach to education is one reason we’re such big fans of the school. We love its bespoke, concept-based curriculum, which makes it easy for students to transition into UWCSEA at any stage of their schooling. It’s a truly holistic education that addresses the needs of each student individually – from academics, extra-curricular activities and outdoor education to student well-being and service learning. It certainly has something for everyone!

If you’re looking for an awesome educational experience for your child, take advantage of UWCSEA’s Open Days to find out more about the school and how your child can join the UWCSEA community next school year.

What: UWCSEA Open Days
UWCSEA Dover Campus
1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654

UWCSEA East Campus
1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704

Infant School, East Campus
Tues, 17 Sep, 8.15am–1.10pm

Infant School, Dover Campus
Thurs and Fri, 26 & 27 Sep, 8.15am–12.55pm

Junior School, East Campus
Weds, 18 Sep, 8.15am–1.10pm

Junior School, Dover Campus
Tues, 24 Sep, 8.30am–1.10pm

Middle School, East Campus
Thurs, 19 Sep, 8.30am–1.40pm

Middle School, Dover Campus
Weds, 25 Sep, 8.30am–1.40pm

High School, East Campus
Tues, 8 Oct, 9am–2.10pm

High School, Dover Campus
Weds, 9 Oct, 9am–2.10pm

Boarding, East Campus
Thurs, 10 Oct, 9.20am–1.30pm

Boarding, Dover Campus
Fri, 11 Oct, 9.20am–1.30pm

Register for Open Days here. If you aren’t in Singapore on any of the dates, click here instead.

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