Online shopping in Singapore: Shop for school supplies in the US and save on shipping with PacMe

With PacMe’s low-cost shipping and free accounts for HoneyKids readers, save on back to school shopping supplies when you order from US websites

Do you love the convenience of online shopping and wish all the affordable goodies on US-based websites were more accessible to us here in Singapore? Whether your kids are in the local or international school system in Singapore, the back to school season always means hefty shopping expenses. Here’s a stat for you: The National Retail Federation reveals that school shopping easily sets the average American family back over $600 – second only to the breathtakingly high Christmas expenditure. If you’re looking to cut costs while still making sure your child has quality school supplies, here’s good news: PacMe has opened up a whole new world of (affordable) online shopping.

Listen up savvy online shoppers – when surfing US websites, you no longer have to merely eyeball your objects of desire then storm the stores looking for the next best thing. Shop online for your kids’ backpacks, stationery or uniforms from your favourite American web stores like Walmart or Target and have them delivered right to your doorstep at a low cost.

While many US-based sites typically charge exorbitant international delivery fees or won’t ship directly to Singers, PacMe‘s role as your US mailing address makes shopping from these websites hugely affordable and possible.


Your packages will be in capable hands thanks to PacMe’s team of expert re-packers and consolidators

The more you shop, the more you save 

Located in tax-free Oregon (hurrah!), PacMe repacks all your goodies into the most efficient possible package to let you save on shipping fees by reducing the overall billable weight. Pro tip: The more you shop, the more you save. Consolidate all your packages before shipping as the first few kilograms are the most expensive; your savings really kick in when you ship more than 15kg a time.

Be in control 
Don’t worry about being kept in the dark on the status of your package – PacMe allows you to be in total control. Photographs of all your items are taken when they arrive and invoices are scanned so you can log into your account and check on them online. You decide when you want to consolidate and ship  – so if time’s on your side, feel free to wait for your haul to pile up till you’ve amassed the best savings on shipping.

School office supplies

Stock up on back-to-school supplies with Walmart’s range of stationery and backpacks

Special reader offer: shop for school supplies with a free account!

To kick off your back-to-school shopping spree, sign up for a free account at using code “HONEYCOMBERS”. With August being the best time to stock up on school supplies, here’s a little list to help you get started.

  • Target – Buy 1 get 1 50% off.
  • Amazon – Start here for product reviews and the best shopping experience.
  • Walmart – Low prices on everything from backpacks (prices start from 4 USD) to stationery.
  • JCPenny – Great to stock up on backpacks (20-50 % off brands like Jansport and Nike) with similar discounts for sports gear.
  • Staples – Your one-stop destination for school supplies.
  • Office Depot – Like Staples, it’s a great source of stationery and backpacks at a discount.
sa_gap_02 (1)

Get your kids kitted out in adorable outfits from GAP’s back-to-school campaign.

For unbeatable deals on kids’ clothing, sports gear and more, these US-based fashion stores will keep your kids decked out in the coolest threads all school season:

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