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It's never too late to start shopping with a conscience!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: going green is the best thing we can do for this Earth. It may not be easy but we can certainly play our part, from our clothing choices to our consumption of food. Switching to organic food isn’t just sustainable, it’s healthy too! And any leftovers can be put to use at food banks. But, back to the fun stuff: fashion. There are ways to shop for clothes responsibly, such as swapping instead of shopping. But if second-hand shopping just isn’t for you or there are some garments you can’t find, like cold-weather gear, there’s no reason to fret. Check out these clothes made ethically and from organic cotton so you (and the kids) can stay eco-friendly and fashionable. You can always donate old clothes when the kids have grown out of them and make that little bit go a long way.

We love Matter and we’re thrilled that there’s a selection of #mattermini garments made from offcuts for the little ones. That’s right you can get matching outfits with your little one with a dress, shorts or straight cut baby berms so the kids can grow into them! Stitched in Singapore, these outfits are made from organic cotton and are comfy and fun, perfect for your little eco-warrior’s play dates.

Le Petit Society
You’ve heard us rave about Le Petit Society’s new store in Shenton Way with its cute and quirky geometrically patterned garments for kids up to 12 years old. But did you know there’s also an organic selection of sleepwear and muslin swaddles? Yep, you can let your kids rest easy in knowing they’re doing their bit for the environment.
Le Petit Society;

Hunter + Boo sustainable fashion Honeykids Asia Singapore

With a range of rompers, jumpsuits and bibs, Hunter + Boo’s ethical fashion isn’t just fun, it’s high-quality and eco-friendly too. Image credit to Hunter + Boo.

Hunter + Boo
Founded by sisters Beth and Sarah Medley, Hunter + Boo is the modern, ethical kids wear you’ve been looking for. Made in Sri Lanka and designed in Singapore using 100% organic cotton, these clothes are eco-friendly, whether it’s a romper, jumpsuit or a plain ol’ tee. If that’s not enough, the skincare range is guaranteed to make your skin feel as soft as your clothes.
Hunter + Boo;

You’ll be pleased to know that MUJI’s clothing (especially the kids wear) isn’t just gender neutral, a large proportion of this no frills no fuss smart casual wear is made from organic cotton. From an organic cotton mix to 100% organic cotton, MUJI’s working towards clothes that don’t just value form and function but the environment too. Just another reason to love this one-stop shop.

Read more about sustainable fashion for adults here and we’ll keep you updated with more options as they come into Singapore.

Top image credit to MATTER.

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