New educational app for kids in Singapore: Discovery Kids!

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Discovery has just launched a new app for kids and it's just bursting with educational content that will keep kids happy AND learning!

How many times have we had to hand the kids our devices to buy us five minutes so we can make dinner, use the toilet or even just (for once!) have a quiet meal? The next time we hand it over we’ve got just the thing to make us feel ‘app-ier about screen timethe newly launched Discovery Kids app! It’s just launched here in Singapore and it’s chock-full of kid-friendly edutainment, learning opps and fun. HoneyKids writer, Jana, was our guinea pig along with her cuter-than-cute toddler son. The verdict? A resounding thumbs up. Jana reports, “It’s as if the creators went into a two-year old’s brain, asked them what they liked and put it in one app.”  

All educational content

Sure there’s videos, games and books but it’s all one hundred percent educational and super user-friendly, even for toddlers. That’s right, no more asking you to load up constant videos for them! Forget feeling guilty about screen time because the kids will be learning something throughout their experience. From wildlife facts to environmental conservation, this app’s got it all.

Cool features we love…

Discovery-Kids apps for kids

The Discovery Kids app has minimal text which makes it user-friendly even for little kids. Photography: Discovery Kids

  • It’s got all our kids’ favourite cartoons including Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger and Transformers.
  • The games are easy-to-play and teach kids about nature and the environment such as the gardening simulator, Park Builder and beach clean-up game, Coastal Rescue.
  • The digital books include animations of stories accompanied by an audio reading with tales for all occasions, including bedtime.
  • We love the engaging educational shows that include ‘how-to’ videos on crafting, cooking and documentaries made just for little ones.
  • You can mirror the app straight to your Apple TV for full-screen viewing.
  • You can download the tots’ fave videos so they can watch them on the go when wifi is unavailable. Perfect for long journeys on airplanes!

Our conclusion?

If you’re tired of #mumguilt over screen time, this an app you need to get. While we are not saying let your kiddos play morning, noon and night, this is definitely an app we’re on board with for those moments of distraction we all need when it comes to parenting little ones. 

It’s currently only available in Singapore and the Philippines, but you can take it to anywhere around the globe once it’s downloaded. Bonus: new content is added all the time so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored. The app offers a 30-day free trial which we took advantage of, but were more than happy to part with $4.98 per month for a full subscription – a steal for all that learning and five minutes peace and quiet!

Cost: $4.98 per month, from Google Play and App Store

Top image credit Discovery Kids

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