New campus alert: Google-esque school Nexus International School (Singapore) is giving a sneak peek of its Aljunied Campus this November!

Nexus International School Singapore
We’re pretty darn excited about Nexus’s new campus and here’s why…

There’s no doubt that we’ve got nothing but love for Nexus International School (Singapore). It’s always been one of the coolest, most innovative schools on the island with its uber techy makerspaces and fun, flexible approaches to learning. That’s why when we heard that its new campus is opening in January 2020, we were psyched! Imagine working with renowned international architects to create the school of your dreams… well, the folks at Nexus got to do just that and we can’t wait to see the results!

Here’s a little sneaky peek of what we can expect:

Nexus International School Singapore

We wish we could have French or Mandarin class in a treehouse too!

An awesome double-story treehouse

The kids at the Early Childhood learning department have certainly got it made. Each space is specifically designed to ensure that the littlest learners have everything at the right size to help them gain confidence and independence. And the best part of all? A super cool double-storey treehouse that’s roomy enough to play tag in! Its mezzannine level is perfect for kids to curl up with a good book in or even do some crafting. The lucky kids at Nexus will also get some learning done in this amazing space – it’s big enough to hold up to four classes in it! Imagine a French or Mandarin class in a treehouse! Got a little one that can’t get enough of messy play? There’s a mud kitchen to “cook” in and sand and water play areas too. Can we be kids again, pleeeeease?

Nexus International School Singapore

At Nexus, classrooms are flexible and adaptable to suit the type of activity taking place.

Classrooms of the future

At Nexus, classrooms literally go beyond the confines of four walls. Learning spaces are inspired by Google offices and are adaptable and flexible to suit the type of activity taking place. What does that mean? It means that kids can use the space to work individually, to collaborate, or present their work – it all depends on what the lesson calls for. Each ‘pod’ can hold up to six classes, and it will have a makerspace, food tech and Design & Tech room and an exhibition space for kids to showcase their ideas. At Nexus, all spaces are built to enhance the learning experience!

Nexus International School Singapore

Nexus’s new Parent Lounge has a co-working space – so much win!

A dedicated space for parents to hang out  

Parents, we know you hear us when we say that drop off and pick up is STRESSFUL – especially for working mums and dads. Nexus understands, that’s why it’s built a Shared Workspace for parents to work on-site and even host meetings. It’s conveniently located next to the Eco Cafe so working lunches or coffee pick-ups are within easy reach – Nexus really has thought of everything! Another reason we love the Parent Lounge? It’s got a great view of the field, which is perfect for supporting your fave teamies (aka your kids), catching up with friends and even hosting a BBQ or two.

If you’re as excited as we are, then we’ve got a treat line up just for you. Nexus is giving HoneyKids readers a sneak preview of the school in November! But stay tuned as dates are still being finalised… we know, we know, we can’t wait either!

Want to learn more about what makes Nexus such a cool school? Book a tour and speak to one of their friendly admissions staff today!


From August 2019 onwards, families will be able to benefit from a sibling discount which includes 3% off your second child, 15% off your third and 25% off your fourth!

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