Netflix Birthdays on Demand adds a fun twist to kids’ birthday parties in Singapore

If you’ve already run the gamut of birthday party themes and ideas, here’s a fresh little take on the festivities...

Whether you’re a plan-everything-to-the-last-aching-detail kind of party organiser, or the throw-it-together-the-night-before type, once kids are old enough to understand what birthday parties are all about (ie. Them), they do tend to love a theme. And to be honest, a tight brief can make the task a little easier for mum and dad. We’ve already given you Singapore’s best kids’ party planners and entertainers, birthday cake shops, and where to go for the party decorations, so we thought we’d fill you in on this cute new idea from Netflix to bring a little twist to the celebrations: Birthdays On Demand.

The idea is simple: throw your kiddo a character themed party, and ‘invite’ that character along to sing a birthday greeting made especially for the guest of honour (well, close enough – teens might not be fooled, but we’re sure the littlies minds will be blown when Barbie breaks into song at a well-timed moment).

All you have to do is search ‘birthday’ on Netflix to unlock a little performance from the likes of King Julien from Madagascar, Barbie, or characters from Dinotrux, LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, My Little Pony, or Pokemon. There are 15 greetings in total, all available from today.

And hey, you don’t even have to throw the themed party. Press ‘play’ and hit the living room dance floor all day, if that’s what does it for your birthday girl or boy. Jump onto Netflix now and check it out, or just have a giggle at this gif:

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