Find of the Week: Nail the boho chic look with Zojora’s colourful prints

Finding the perfect maxi dress just got soooo much easier thanks to Zojora's cool selection of travel inspired accessories and clothing

Hop on Zojora‘s Instagram account and you’ll immediately be transported into block print wonderland. From bed linens to maxi dresses, shirts to coasters and napkins, it’s easy to see why people (aka us) can’t help snapping up these multi-coloured beauties. Each piece is thoughtfully and tastefully made, sparking joy every time we open our closets and decide what to wear that morning.

Tara Thivolet, one of Zojora’s founders, also oozes effortless style herself. She puts her own personal twist on each piece, creating an easy breezy fashion moment that we want to be a part of (and end up buying into!). You’ll definitely find us pressing the heart button more than once!

We’re huge fans of Tara’s easy breezy style! Photo Credit: Tara Thivolet

Why Zojora?

Zojora is a combination of founders Tara and Candice’s children’s names: Zoe, Orson, Josh, Oscar, Rose and Aristote. Tara and Candice both consider all their kids to be their favourite travel companions!

Tara and her daughter, rocking one of Zojora’s tunics. Photo Credit: Tara Thivolet

The lowdown on Zojora

Created in 2012 by longtime besties and mums, Candice and Tara, Zojora sells and curates “travel inspired” clothes and accessories. The whole aesthetic is inspired by their shared passion for traveling. In fact, they have both lived in New York City, climbed Kilimanjaro, cycled the rice paddies of Bali, skied the Alps, explored Greek ruins and eaten spicy rice curries in Sri Lanka. It is through their travels that they sourced unique accessories and collected local fabrics used to create our fave Zojora products.

Also, we love the fact that Zojora promotes local artisans and fair labour. Fashion with a conscience? We’re so in…

To get your own piece of Zojora, visit their website at And for you lucky ducks who live in Singapore… shipping is free! 

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