A stress-free move across the world? It’s possible with Santa Fe Relocation

Moving with kids isn’t easy – that’s why it’s important to get the lowdown from the experts in the know...

Having to pack and move across the world is one thing, but uprooting an entire family is a whole other (crazy) animal. The idea of a whole new life in another part of the world may sound exciting, but the reality is that it is one of the most stressful things a family could ever experience. Breaking the news to your kids often results in tears from all parties involved – which is never fun. The folks over at Santa Fe Relocation understand how hard it is. After all, it’s been moving families for over 120 years! HoneyKids recently had a chat with these relocation experts to get the full lowdown on how to make moving overseas with kids as seamless as possible…

Ease them in

Kids love surprises – little gifts, a bit of chocolate here and there – but to tell them you’re going to take them to a place far, far away in a few weeks will undoubtedly cause an outcry. To make things easier for everyone, the experts at Santa Fe Relocation say to give them time to get used to the idea. Give the kids a month or two to let things sink in, then tell them about the wonderful adventure you’re about to embark on as a family. What’s important is that you reassure them that everything will be somewhat the same – they’ll still go to school, still have (most of) their old toys, have their old beds. Familiarity helps.

Top tip: Try to avoid peak moving season (June to August). Most serviced apartments are usually booked up during this time and relocating during this time requires extra planning.

Make your next move with kids tear-free with Santa Fe Relocation

Make it an exciting adventure

The more excited the kids are about the move, the easier it will be to get them on board with the moving process. Making it all a big adventure will in turn lend to excitement rather than worry when it comes to the kids. Create a scenario that casts the fam as explorers on the search for treasure in unknown places: let your imagination run wild! This will especially come in handy when you find yourselves stuck in that awkward period when you’re furniture-less and starting out in a serviced apartment! Desks become caves, beds become pirate ships and cosy corners become little libraries. Get out and about in the local surrounds and go discovering all the new sights and sounds. It’ll be fun, honest!

Expect tears

No matter how gung ho your kids may be about the Big Move, you can expect there to be some tears too. The changes are huge, and relocating in a different country will definitely see them out of their comfort zones for a while. And the easiest way to help with the transition? Advice from the experts! Santa Fe Relocation know exactly how to make the move as tear-free as possible, and by taking much of the pressure out of your hands, it will also help lower your stress levels too. Santa Fe Relocation can make it all so much easier: we’re talking the full service – local flexible storage options and awesome settling in services (including helping you look for your perfect home and school). If you need a reliable, understanding relocation company who really understands, then you’ve found them in Santa Fe Relocation for sure.


Santa Fe Relocation is offering a free survey booking and one month storage for Free (for a minimum three month storage)! All you need to do is visit the Santa Fe Relocation booth at the HoneyKids Asia International School Fair on 16 March for more details. The best part? They’ve got a kid’s corner to keep your little ones happy and busy. See you there!


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