Looking for a high chair? Here are the HoneyKids mums top picks!

Is your bub ready for solids? If the answer's yes, you'll need to start thinking about high chairs. The HoneyKids mums share the high chairs they love and use for their bubs...

Starting your baby on solids soon? Whether you’re going the baby-led weaning route or purees, you’re definitely going to need to start looking at high chairs. Because if you don’t, you’re looking at a horrible mess in your dining room. And besides, it’s much safer for bub and everyone else (including your favourite Eames chair).

There are many factors to consider when choosing your little one’s feeding throne. And you should give it a good think before making a commitment because you’ll be using your high chair until your little one is two or three years old. Is it easy to clean? Is it easy to store? How long can you use it for? Is it comfy enough? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing your high chair.

There’s no doubt that the HoneyKids mums know a thing or two about high chairs. We’ve all fought the battle of the broccoli (and still continue to fight a good food fight) and we’ve compiled our ultimate faves:

For the budget savvy mum

IKEA Antilop
Raising a kid (or three) can get expensive so rubbing a penny or two together when we can is always a treat. HoneyKids writer Kate swears by her IKEA Antilop chair, not only because it’s a bargain, but also because it’s super easy to clean. “You can just hose it down if you like,” says Kate. “And if you have more than one, you can easily stack them on top of each other.”  

The downside?
Because it’s made out of plastic, it isn’t the sturdiest high chair. Although you should be keeping an eye on your bub anyway, you’ll need to watch like a hawk if you decide on the Antilop. Especially if you have a ‘climber’.

Suitable for: 0 -three years
Cost: From $29.90
Where to buy: IKEA

Stokke Tripp Trapp HoneyKids Asia Edie

Cheeky Edie pondering her next meal, perhaps?

Worth the splurge

Stokke Tripp Trapp
If you’re looking for a chair that’ll grow up alongside your little one, then the Stokke Tripp Trapp is worth the splurge. We’ve put it to the test at HoneyKids HQ, and it was a hit! The best part? HoneyKids editor Tracy says: “It looks like a piece of furniture – it’ll fit right in with your Scandi dining chairs and everything else in your dining room!” In fact, the Tripp Trapp was designed to be pulled right up to the dining table so that your little one can join in the dining fun!

The downside?
With each weaning stage, you’ll need to buy the appropriate accessories which could end up costing you $$.

Suitable for: Official stance is four months to eight years, but we say it lasts way longer (our 1o year-old uses it)
Cost: From $399
Where to buy: MothersWork and Mothercare Singapore

You can take this chair wherever you go! Photo credit: Phil&Ted’s

The space saver

Phil and Ted’s Lobster chair
Any mum will tell you that when you have kids, it’s easy to accumulate stuff – stuff that we sometimes don’t even need. For some mums, your typical high chair can take up too much space: enter Phil and Ted’s lobster chair. You can attach it to almost any table, which saves you a lot of space when it comes to storage. It’s easy to fold up and chuck into the bottom of your pram, just in case you’re heading to a restaurant that isn’t so kid friendly. “It’s compact enough to take anywhere! So, to those hipster restaurants that don’t have high chairs because you don’t want kids around – ha!” says Honeycombers editor-in-chief Selina.

The downside?
If you’ve got a chunky monkey, you might find it a challenge to slip your babe’s legs through the leg holes of the Lobster’s seat.

Suitable for: Babies up to 15kg
Cost: From USD$89.90
Where to buy: Phil and Ted’s

We’re loving the recline feature of the Siesta. Photo Credit: Peg Perego

A busy mum’s buddy

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair
As mums, we’re all about being able to multitask, especially when we have more than one babe to care for. The Peg Perego Siesta high chair’s wheels make it easy for you to keep your little one close to you at all times – even when you’re doing the dishes! HoneyKids mum and events manager Brynie had this to say about the chair: “You can recline it for those moments that baby needs support or if they fall asleep – nothing beats not having to move a sleeping baby!” You can even adjust the height so if you need to sit on the floor, your bub can join you.

The downside?
The Siesta is not inexpensive but you can use the chair from birth onwards. Also, unlike its plastic or wooden alternatives, the polyester seat can prove to be tough to clean and can stain over the years.

Suitable for:  Birth up to 45 lbs
Cost: From USD$299.98
Where to buy: Amazon

The removable foam insert is genius! Photo Credit: Ingenuity

The multi-purpose wonder

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Floor Seat
If you’re looking for a chair that doubles as a playtime seat and a mealtime booster seat, then the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 floor seat is your best bet. It easily attaches to most kitchen or dining chairs and the foam insert can be removed once your baby outgrows it. HoneyKids writer Jana was gifted this chair and has used it for her two kiddos. “My almost three-year-old still uses this chair! It’s super easy to wipe down and really durable. And I love the fact that I can remove the tray, making it easier for everyone to join in for mealtime.”

The downside?
Once you’ve put your bub in (with the foam insert), it’s tough to buckle and strap your little one in because the buckle is quite tricky.

Suitable for: four months up to 48 months
Cost : $79.90
Where to buy: Redmart

This chair is virtually escape-proof! Photo Credit: Peppermint UK


The Baby Bjorn High Chair
Got a bub that’s always McGyvering his way out of his high chair? The Baby Bjorn’s not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also got a nifty tray that acts as a lock when closed. This makes it virtually impossible for them to stand up in the chair or use their feet to push away from the table. Another thing we love about the design? The table’s snug enough so that there’s less chance of your babe making a mess. And that’s definitely a win in our book!

The downside?
As with all things white, this chair is prone to stains. Be sure to wipe it down with Magiclean or 409 when you’re done with feeding!

Suitable for: Children six months to six years
Cost: $449.00
Where to buy: Mothercare

… and the verdict is

When it comes to buying high chairs, the HoneyKids mums put both price point and practicality at the top of their list. The IKEA Antilop high chair is the clear winner for the majority of the HoneyKids mums – not only is it extremely affordable, it’s also easy to clean – a must for any mum. And believe us when we say this, there’s other things you could be spending your money on… like your bub’s preschool tuition fees for example.

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