Shop for handmade items from local crafters and makers in Singapore

local crafters and makers in Singapore
Mass-produced goods may be more affordable and convenient to purchase, but they lack the charm and quality of handmade treasures. We've rounded up the coolest crafters and makers in Singapore for unique prezzies and treats...

We love a good market here at HoneyKids – if you’re on the search for something more meaningful and unique (and not of the mass-produced variety), it’s time to check out the growing handmade movement in Singapore. We could rattle off a whole list of why you should be buying into the handmade trade but for starters, these products are made with love (and pride), are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Largely available online, you can also check them out for yourself at regular flea markets and bazaars in Singapore. So whether you’re looking for a handcrafted baby toy or a quirky lamp for the living room, we’ve got the whole fam covered with our guide to the best crafters and makers in Singapore.


Milc by Mishell 

Mishell’s colourful printed pillows with illustrations of lions, giraffes and more will make great cuddly companions for bedtime and brighten up any nursery for sure. Each pillow is made to order and individually cut and hand-sewn. Or if you’d prefer to spruce up your child’s bedroom wall with colourful canvas artworks, prints are customisable (you can add in your own details), lightweight and dust-resistant (yay for less cleaning!).
Milc by Mishell;


local crafters and makers in Singapore

Pianissimo’s pillows are comfy and fun! Photography: Pianissimo

Christina Shlu of Pianissimo specialises in pillows and blankets for babies and homes and her handmade baby blankets are super-soft concoctions designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation thanks to the colourful tags adorning the sides. Sizes are customisable to fit a pram or cot which we think is a fab idea.
Pianissimo, 33 Erskine Road, #01-05, Singapore 069333;


Set up by two friends tired of the corporate life, BabyPixie (pictured top) offers clothes for babies, girls and boys as well as beautiful bedding picks. For your little princesses, select from any of the fun-loving frocks while boys can get kitted out in adorable printed shirts. There’s plenty of cute for bubbas too: check out the adorable rompers that come in a heap of spiffy colours and have buttons at the bottom and front to help make changing nappies a tad easier.


We just can’t stop singing the praises of this local label’s collection, and for good reason. ans.ein is a gorgeous local label that’s conjured up dresses, jumpsuits, and tops for ladies (and a mini-range for tots) based entirely on wearable art! We’re loving all the fun patterns and colours, but for a step beyond what you can buy off its rails, how about getting your own little ones to create a masterpiece pattern just for you at one of the ans.ein workshops? #newbestdress


Tired of freaking out over the safety of toys your little bubba’s putting in his mouth? Enter RoyalRae, a handmade toy store set up by Cecilia Leong. Each toy is a high-quality, handmade product designed to engage children without the hazards of mass-produced toys. The cooler-than-ice range includes a doctor’s play kit set made of soft fabric (no sharp ends to worry about!) and interactive tactile books made entirely of fabric.

Time in a Stitch

local crafters and makers in Singapore

Gotta catch all the crochet pieces from Time in a Stitch. Photography: Time in a Stitch

Looking for a quirky and unique keychain for your child’s backpack? Time in a Stitch creates crochet masterpieces –each product is lovingly handmade from scratch. From Pokemon characters to Snow White, the size, height and theme of the character is entirely customisable.
Time in a Stitch;



local crafters and makers in Singapore

Glambue’s salad tossers will make eco-friendly and chic additions to your meal. Photography: Glamblue

Dine in style (even with your kids around!). No need to worry about shattering precious plates or eating on plastic plates with Glambue’s child-friendly selection of bamboo homeware: hurrah! The basic range of bowls come in different sizes to suit different functions, while the chic pop tossers will be the star of the show while you serve salad at the table. Need something a little more luxe? The black and white homeware makes the perfect monochrome complement to your colourful meals.

Concrete Everything 

local crafters and makers in Singapore

There’s some pretty quirky lamps at Concrete Everything. Photography: Concrete Everything

For fans of industrial interior design, Concrete Everything’s lamps are unique works of art worthy of being gushed over for sure. Lamp stands are made with matt concretes and feature quirky bulbs including our fave, a block of light – a touch of serenity mixed with innovation. Fancy picking up some concrete skills for yourself? Sign up to a workshop and get making!
Concrete Everything;

Hush Candle 

local crafters and makers in Singapore

Stock up on candles from Hush Candle. Photography: Hush Candle

Great for transforming a space, candles are now commonly used as the finishing touch to a room. Hush Candle’s 100% organic, hand-poured soy candles are packaged in chic little jars, great to complement a floral arrangement or bedside display. Made with essential oils, the selection may be a little limited (lemongrass, rose, lavender) but the rich and lingering layers of each scent more than makes up for that.
Hush Candle;


Mandy T. 

local crafters and makers in Singapore

Ditch the chemicals! Photography: Mandy T. Skincare

Unlike mass-made skincare products, Mandy T. Skincare is all about products created with plant-based alternatives (instead of skin-harming chemicals) packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable glass. Handcrafted in small batches, best-sellers include the Arabic Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub (great for blood circulation and shrinking varicose veins) and Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot Body Cream to seal in after-shower moisture.
Mandy T;


If you’ve got skin problems – dry, itchy, sensitive skin – SoapLah may be a solution to them all. The handmade, cold-process soaps are made with only natural ingredients. and clean your skin thoroughly to keep you squeaky clean all day. With the protective layer of moisture it leaves behind, your skin will remain soft and supple.

Balm Kitchen 

local crafters and makers in Singapore

How about some skin care from Balm Kitchen? Photography: Balm Kitchen

Botanical-based body and skin care line Balm Kitchen is a godsend for those of us who live in perpetually sunny Singers – products are specially formulated for the tropical climate. No artificial flavours or scents are used here – natural ingredients are incorporated into nourishing oils. Handmade with love, products are also vegan and cruelty-free.
Balm Kitchen;



local crafters and makers in Singapore

If you’re travelling, you need one of these notebooks to hand. Photography: girlwitharadiomind

If you’ve got a slightly boho style, girlwitharadiomind’s selection of travel notebooks are unique pieces to pop into your travel kit. The weave notebooks are gorgeous, rustic-looking pieces made with printed kraft cards as the cover, and finished with a saddle stitch.


Love the look of handwritten cards but lack the flair of calligraphy? Scribblytiffy is a lettering and calligraphy enthusiast ready to pen your words into a simple, yet gorgeous typography masterpiece. Whether you want to send out personalised thank you cards or create your own calendar, ScribblyTiffy’s passion and love for the arts ensures your ideas are presented in a simple yet charming fashion.


Little Odd Forest

local crafters and makers in Singapore

We can’t get over how cute these awesome designs are. Photography: Little Odd Forest

100% designed in Singapore and handmade in Philippines, Little Odd Forest brings a little quirkiness to your life with its woodland inspired creations. Made for the young as well as the young at heart, any kid (or parent) will be happy to flaunt their sleepy cat backpack or woodland-themed booties. You can even purchase the fabric to make your own awesome accessories.

Forest Child 

If someone in the fam is a big fan of leather wallets, leather bags, leather belts, leather… well you get the drift, Forest Child offers a whole slew of products to feed a love for leather. Think great accessories including intricately woven sandals, satchels and everyday products like wallets and laptop sleeves – all perfect for birthdays and Xmas gifts.
Forest Children;

Little Prints

local crafters and makers in Singapore

Preserve your little ones’ prints in a beautiful piece of jewellery. Photography: Little Prints

How about a personalised piece of silver jewellery for a keepsake that will last forever? The process is easy peasy too! Just contact Little Prints for an inkless kit and take the print of anything you like – hand, foot, paws or even just a thumbprint, and send it back. After about four weeks you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewellery for you to wear on your neck, your bag or wherever else you choose. Not a fan of prints? Send over your child’s drawings or whatever else you prefer and have that be immortalised in silver instead.
Little Prints;

Roxanne’s Paperie 

Customise your own canvas tote bag to make a great shopping or grocery bag. For back-to-school necessities, your kids can even design their own pencil cases and coin pouches.
Roxanne’s Paperie;


We love Byiroiro’s handcrafted sustainable bags. This one-mum-show devotes her time and effort into making fun and fashionable bags using natural materials like raffia, perfect for packing in everything you need while looking fab.



local crafters and makers in Singapore

Check out the Zapalang Board Games from WhenIwasfour. Photography: WhenIwasfour

WhenIwasfour is all about nostalgia for Singapore’s yesteryear and iconic products from a Singaporean childhood. Products are kept simple yet whimsical. Grab your family and spend an afternoon battling it out over the Zapalang Board Games – a collection of three old-school board games updated with unique local flavours, or stock up on accessories (how awesome is this teh dabao bag?) and printed notebooks.


Wear you favourite local treat on your ears with thepigbakesclay’s selection of earrings: mooncakes, tutukueh and rabbit candy anyone?. Offering a selection of miniature food-based accessories, the brand takes inspiration from Singaporean snacks and international favourites like rainbow cakes and macarons.

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