Little Paddington Preschool: How to settle your child into a new school in Singapore

Settling your small learner into preschool can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but these expert tips will from Little Paddington Preschool will make it a easier for you all...

Yes, there will be tears on the first day of your ‘lil one’s big adventure into the world of preschool – and possibly more from you than the kids! But by picking a happy preschool that has years of experience in settling small people into their learning journey, Little Paddington Preschool has it well and truly sussed. Every detail at Little Paddington is designed with small learners in mind, and inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. The exceptional purpose-built space and sensorial learning opps really encourage students to thrive in their learning environment. We’ve been talking to the friendly staff at this lovely preschool for tips and tricks on how to settle your child into the classroom, and how to cope with separation anxiety (yours and your child’s) if it does pop up…

The preschool that cares
Little Paddington Preschool prides itself on being a family-orientated school that supports not just its children, but also parents during every child’s education experience. Add state of the art facilities, low student to teacher ratio, hands-on project based learning and a team of super educators, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous preschool. We definitely think that the pirate ship playground, enormous football field, fun music and science programs and small petting zoo will help with the settling in process – Little Paddington has designed its curriculum to include plenty of engaging activities and cool learning spaces to really encourage little people to WANT to come to school. There’s so much fun on the schedule, from a dedicated United Nations atelier for exploring new cultures to an arts atelier where budding Picasso’s will experiment with creativity, and it’s all been designed to soothe, nurture and encourage students. What kid wouldn’t want outdoor learning, open spaces and a garden as part of their every day school life?

Tips for settling kids into school
Little Paddington Preschool knows a thing or two about settling its new students happily into the classroom. Here’s how the experts at the school advise on preparing both you and your tiny people for the learning adventure ahead:

1. Share, share and share some more: meet with your child’s teacher and talk through what makes your kiddo tick, what fears and anxieties you think may come up (yours and theirs!) and discuss everything there is to know about your small person.

2. Talk to your child LOTS about starting school, and be as upbeat as possible. Share stories about starting school and chat with other families who have survived the ‘starting preschool’ experience! And make sure you choose a preschool that understands that children learn best through a curriculum packed with lots of different and an engaging environment. Little Paddington prides itself on understanding that little people don’t want to be stuck in a classroom all day, and provides varied learning opportunities in creative spaces for all its students.

3. Take time to visit school with your child before The Big Day dawns: try some short sessions in the classroom (Little Paddington absolutely encourages this) so that your little one can become familiar with the school, teachers and new faces before the official start.

4. Give yourself – and your child – time to adjust and don’t expect miracles overnight. Some children will suffer from anxiety separation for longer than others, but rest assured the Little Paddington team will support you for as long as it takes.

5. Let your little learner bring a familiar or favourite item from home to help them feel attached to home. If your child doesn’t have a comfort blanket or fave teddy they want to bring along, entrust them with an item of your own to keep safe until you’re back together (keys, etc work for this).

6. Keep goodbyes short! The longer you take to actually leave, the harder it is for you both. Short and sweet is best and NEVER sneak out! Be loving but consistent when waving a cheery goodbye.

7. Never compare your little one to another child (especially a sibling!). Each small person is totally unique, and starting school (or any other life experience) is not a one size fits all.

Despite tears at drop off, your little one will soon be having fun with friends

8. Be kind to yourself! You’ll be feeling a rollercoaster of emotions for sure: anxious, sad, worried – they’re all normal! Don’t beat yourself up when you child is clinging to your legs at drop off time. Chances are your kiddo will be full of smiles ten minutes after you leave. All will be well.

Will there be first day tears? Absolutely. But while it might be tempting to snatch up your child and run away from the situation, it’s important to remember that given time your little buddy WILL settle into the new environment, and will soon adapt to the exciting learning journey ahead. Little Paddington will make sure of it!

Little Paddington Preschool, 4 Jalan Tani, Singapore 548542 (near Kovan MRT) and 236 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287987 (near Sixth Avenue MRT);

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