Stamford American International School Singapore: Limited spaces available for August!!

It’s not too late to book a tour at Stamford American International School – but act quickly because spaces are limited! Read on and find out why you should be popping Stamford American on your school radar.

When you’re a mum, it’s easy to overlook stuff because we’ve always got a million and one things on our plate. And then we end up panicking because we’ve procrastinated making REALLY important decisions like deciding where we want to send our kids to school. Take a deep breath; relax. Guess what, Stamford American International School’s got a few more spaces left for August. But don’t just think about it – spaces are quickly filling up! Interested in learning more about Stamford American and why it gives a good head start for children from two months onwards? We’ve got the details below:

A well-rounded education from two months to six years
It is often said the first five years are the most crucial and it’s no secret that we at the HoneyKids HQ believe that Stamford American gives kids a good head start at the Early Learning Village. We love how it inspires children as young as two months to really love learning with its Reggio Emilia inspired campus. With child-height windows and doors, the Early Learning Village features sensorial learning at every turn. There are outdoor playgrounds complete with water play, bicycle tracks and even a giant pirate ship; there’s no doubt your kids will love going to school. And in case you’re worried if it’s all play at Stamford, they’ve got a great selection of specialist programmes to choose from: music through the Suzuki Violin Program, Physical Education through SMART Steps & Perceptual Motor Program and language through the daily and bilingual language programmes.

Just another fun-filled day at the Stamford American ELV! Photography: Stamford American International School

Did you know that Stamford has a very diverse community and home to over 70 nationalities? Stamford parents Thom and Willyn Kleiss, agreed wholeheartedly that Stamford’s diversity is one of the reasons why they love Stamford: “The diverse school population is celebrated, and students and parents from every race and religion are welcome! In fact, each year, Stamford hosts a few cultural events to celebrate its festivities and International Fiesta to showcase all the different nationalities in the school.”

The diverse community is hugely celebrated at Stamford through its cultural events.

A uniquely non-selective and personalized education pathway for your child
But those aren’t the only reasons why we’re big fans of Stamford. What sets them apart from other schools is that it’s non-selective. This means ALL students graduate with a US High School Diploma and at the same time, have the opportunity to pursue an IB or AP diploma suited to their interests. How does Stamford American do it? The dedicated team of Academic & College Counselling team works closely with the students to make sure that their capabilities and interests are aligned with their graduation pathway. This inclusive approach supports different student educational backgrounds and goals. With over 40 IB courses and 19 AP courses to select from, Stamford carries out pre-university testing from Grade 10 and you can be assured that your child will get the personalised education he or she deserves. We just heard that they did well in the recent IB exams with a pass rate of 90% and university acceptances all around the world!

A warm, welcoming community for kids and parents
It’s tough being part of a new school or moving to a new country, but the Stamford Parent Teacher Association (PTA) makes it easier by giving all new families a warm welcome. Throughout the year, the PTA hosts a number of family friendly events where Stamford parents can get to know each other. And you can forget about first-day jitters: Stamford has a buddy system for new joiners too!

Interested in experiencing Stamford American for yourself? Have a chat with one of the friendly members of the admissions team to book your campus tour to have a sneak preview of life at Stamford. Act quickly because places are limited!

This post is sponsored by Stamford American International School