Model turned full-time mum of twins: Sonya Davison Sanchez shows us how she’s embraced motherhood

From glam model to first-time mum, raising twins can be a challenge but former model Sonya Davison Sanchez pulls it off with style

Former model turned full-time mum of twins Sonya Davison Sanchez has certainly embraced motherhood. After ditching her glamorous career as a model and actress, she has taken on the most important role of her life – being a mum. In place of photoshoots, Sonya’s new life revolves around teaching her sons, naptime, clean living and outdoor time.

While handling twins is tough work, Sonya also manages to give her twins one-on-one time.. Her secret? The LG TWINWash! Find out more from the video below:

LG TWINWash: Sonya Davison Sanchez reveals how she eases the load of raising twins

Model turned full-time mum Sonya Davison Sanchez always has her hands full but manages to make it work. Her secret? A washing machine that works double time!

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Sunday, 9 September 2018


Raising twins full-time can be a tough load for anyone to handle but Sonya makes it work. With the LG TWINWash as her trusty laundry time partner, she’s able to wash two loads at once–perfect for a household with twins! Another bonus? The TWINWash’s TrueSteam technology removes all the allergens Sonya’s organic detergent can’t, giving her less to worry about. But when it comes to handling the delicate stuff (like her twins’ laundry), she trusts the TWINWash’s six motion direct drive, which is just as gentle as washing it by hand.


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