Celebrate 30 years of Learning Vision with a year of very special deals

Learning Vision
Come take a peek at one of the awesome 25 Learning Vision preschools dotted around Singapore, and get the lowdown on its very special 30th birthday sweet deals...

Sound the trumpets, roll out the birthday banners and give a big hurrah for a very special 30th birthday, parents. Learning Vision Infant Care and Preschool is celebrating its big 30 during 2019, and to mark three decades of it being not only the first, but the largest childcare provider on our sunny island, it’s got a deal sweeter than any birthday cake: and it’s happening ALL YEAR. So, if you’ve got a little one age two months to six years, and are looking for fantastic teachers and a lovely, safe environment for your little ones to learn and play in, read on to find out why this preschool of thought is ticking all the boxes when it comes to convenient childcare excellence.

That cool deal we mentioned

Because Learning Vision is celebrating its third decade as the first and largest leading workplace childcare provider in Singapore, it’s rolling out an offer that is sure to make any parent smile (despite the lack of sleep you’re probably facing right now)…

  • For new families: Enroll at any of the 25 centres across the island, and you’ll bag not only a uniform pack, but $600’s worth of fee waiver discounts!
  • For current families: Save yourselves a cool 50% off your fees for two whole months when you refer a friend.  

Why Learning Vision?

Learning Vision CARES. It cares about its teachers, it cares about its staff, it cares about its children and it cares about its parents. Since 1989, it’s been busy fostering close parent-child relationships, and perfecting an in-house, stand-out enrichment programme, and the results are clear to see. There’s very good reason that these guys have racked up a plethora of awards including Outstanding Programme Award, Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards and even Best Employer Award!

Learning Vision

Smiles all round when it comes to life at Learning Vision

What’s at the heart of the Learning Vision ethos?

The children! Always the small humans entrusted to its care. Learning Vision is on a mission to really encourage a lifelong love of learning in all little ones, and are committed to providing the best experiences to ensure tots are always thinking, always moving forward, and, perhaps most importantly, always joyful.

But, let’s face it, kids learn better when they are having fun, and the educational experts at Learning Vision absolutely understand this. You can fully expect your small people to always be encouraged to explore their own interpretations of the world around them through an award-winning, progressive curriculum. Learning Vision teachers are well versed when it comes to spotting every child’s unique, natural strengths, and will use these to instil confidence and readiness for big kid school when the time comes.

Where is Learning Vision located?

Finding a preschool that follows a teaching approach that aligns with your parenting style while still being in a location that’s convenient can be a tough gig for sure. That’s why Learning Vision has strategically placed its centres in key locations near multi-national corporations (MNC), various government agencies, universities and private corporations. Being a working parent is made so much easier when you know you can drop your little one off to be cared for in a hassle-free location! So whether you need an awesome centre in One-North, Changi Business Park or International Business Park – or somewhere else entirely – there will absolutely be a centre perfect for your family. There are 25 locations to choose from: all as fabulous as one another.

Don’t forget those perks!

They’re too good not mention again! $600 off tuition fees and a free uniform pack for new students at all 25 centres in Singapore, or a referral promotion of 50% waiver in fees for two months for existing families. There is also MORE fun to come: stay tuned to the Learning Vision Facebook page for updates on special offers, awesome events and other cool news happening throughout the year.

Go take a look

Don’t just take our word for it: we’ve already been to, seen and loved lots of the Learning Vision centres, so our advice is to go take a look too. For more info on infant care, child care, preschool, special offers and everything elser Learning Vision, book a school tour by visiting its website at www.learningvision.com.

Happy birthday, Learning Vision!


This post is sponsored by Learning Vision.