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Visit the Learning Vision Open Day

A school where the curriculum is guided by the interests of the students? It sounds perfect doesn’t it. So simple and obvious. In fact, it makes you wonder why the concept isn’t more commonplace. And this is what sets Learning Vision apart. This award-winning preschool is the place to go if you want the interests of your child to be top priority.

But don’t just take our word for it – visit the Open Day on Saturday 27 September. You will get to hear about and see first-hand, Learning Vision’s innovative approach to infant, early years, and preschool levels.

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‘Children first’ philosophy
Learning Vision aims to provide quality early childhood programmes to groom and develop children into lifelong learners. Here, learning is a joyful journey, and learning is guided through play and inquiry.

Nurturing, supportive environment
With the child as protagonist, the Learning Vision approach focuses on the process of learning, rather than the end result, and children are supported by experienced teaching staff to safely explore, experiment, and investigate.

Emphasis on hands-on learning
The Early Years programme offers Hands@Work sessions, where children can interact with tactile and sensory materials to develop motor abilities and hand-eye coordination. There are Rhythm ‘N’ Moves and GymWorks classes to encourage movement and expression too. In preschool, your little ones will embark on Learning Quest, which helps little ones apply their inquisitive skills to discover language, literacy, science, and music.

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Optimising the quest for knowledge
Lesson plans, learning spaces, and interactions with facilitators have all been designed to fully optimise a child’s quest for knowledge. Learning Vision’s Infant Wheel outlines the experiences and activities to encourage developmental goals in cognition, language skills, sensory and motor development. For older children, the Learning Wheel identifies seven developmental areas, including early numeracy, technology, and creative expressions. Chinese as a second language is also introduced in the Preschool and Early Years programme to help children gain reading, writing, and listening skills and enhance their interest in Mandarin.

Preparing for the future
Learning Vision’s school readiness programme for Kindergarten 2 children, usually held in November to December every year, helps prepare children for the next stage of their education journey. Lessons will simulate a primary school classroom so that students can better adjust to a new environment. The classes also promote character development by encouraging self-discipline and self-motivation.

Doors wide open
Visit Learning Vision Hwa Chong centre on Saturday, 27 September, 10am to 2pm to find out more about what makes the school different and explore this dynamic learning environment.


What: Learning Vision Open Day

When: Saturday, 27 September, 10am to 2pm

Where: 673 Bukit Timah Road, Hall D, Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School (view map)

To RSVP, call 6781 0888 for a personal tour now!

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