Learn English the British Council way during the holidays

Give your child’s English language skills a big boost with British Council’s holiday study camps!

Parents, raise your hand if you feel like summer has just whizzed past you. Just like that, it’s September – which means it’s time for school holidays again! If you’re big planners like us and are looking for ways to keep the children engaged and busy, why not give them a chance to boost their English language skills by checking out the British Council’s year-round holiday study camps. And, starting this year, the folks at the British Council have added a September holiday camp, running from 9–13 September.

Learn something new every week! 

Unlike your typical holiday camp that revolves around a single theme, British Council takes it to the next level and gives children a chance to learn something new every week, all year round. We’re talking cool themes like animals and superheroes for the little ones and cyber crime for the bigger children. And the best part? It will boost their confidence in their English language and communication skills. That’s not all: the camp works on skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, too! Each week is a complete, standalone course and students can register for as many courses as they wish.

Who can attend the holiday study camps? 

Children aged from four to 17 can take part in the camps, with each one run at a variety of levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Not quite sure which level your child is at? Simply book a placement test to find out!

Learning is always fun at the British Council! Photo credit: British Council

Why we love British Council

When it comes to teaching children (and adults too!) English, we know that the folks over at the British Council know their stuff. After all, they’ve been at the forefront of English-language teaching in Singapore since 1947. With their unique approach to hands-on experiential learning – we’re talking using games, project work and fun activities – they’ve been successful in giving children the confidence to use English as a second, or even third, language! And you know that when it comes to getting children interested in learning, fun is always the key!


To learn more about British Council’s Year-Round holiday study camps, please visit www.britishcouncil.sg/hkasc


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