Voiceover- creatopia

Intro to Voiceover Workshop at Creatopia

DATE: Saturday, May 25, 2019
TIME: 2-4pm
VENUE: Songzu Music Studio, 140 Neil Road, Singapore 088869
PRICE: $50 per student
WEBSITE: https://www.creatopiasg.com/events/intro-to-voice-over-workshop

If you’ve got little chatterboxes age seven to 12 years old that love to impersonate their favourite cartoon characters, then send them over to Creatopia to master the art of voice acting. Kids can learn how to emulate their favourite character’s voice or create their own unique voice as well as learning how to do their own voice over recording as part of this two hour workshop. Let the seasoned professionals, Damian Waddell and Lindsay Jehan from Songzu music studio, show you how iconic characters like Dory from Finding Nemo (“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”) or Woody from Toy Story (“Reach for the sky!”) find their voice.