Why the new Infant Care program at the Early Learning Village is a haven for young children

Busy mums, here’s one less thing to worry about: the new Infant Care program at the Early Learning Village is the safe, intimate space you’ve always wanted for bub...

So you’ve decided to ditch the yoga pants for high-waisted jeans and actually shower. You’re ready to venture back out into the World of Adults, a place far removed from your condo’s garden or the neighbourhood shopping mall. Although you’ll miss your precious, itty bitty bundle of joy that you’ve just spent every waking moment with for the past few months, it’s time you started focusing that attention on someone else—yourself. So now, for the most important decision you’ll need to make: who’s going to take over while mum gets her me-time?

Thank goodness for the folks over at Australian International School and Stamford American International School. We’ve always been huge fans of their Early Learning Village (ELV) and wish we could go there ourselves! They’ve recently launched a new Infant Care program, set in a dedicated Infant Care Pod. It’s a safe, intimate space designed for babies as young as two months old to learn, develop and grow – and that’s bound to give us sleep-deprived mums some peace of mind. Here’s why…

A beautiful Reggio-Emilia inspired space
The Infant Care Pod is located on the seventh floor of the Early Learning Village. Designed by award winning architects, the Reggio-Emilia inspired space was built with young children in mind. Every detail encourages sensory play and learning – from the child-sized furniture to the sensory room and a sandpit. And once they’re big enough to toddle about, they can transition into the pre-nursery program at either the Australian International School or Stamford American International School, and experience all the facilities the Early Learning Village has to offer.


A safe, intimate space for bub to thrive and learn.

A place where each child can learn in their own unique way
The first few years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. The RIE (Resources for Infant Education) trained and experienced carers at the Infant Care program understand this. Each child is given the chance to learn and play at their own pace, which makes learning at the Pod a whole lotta fun! This means that if a baby wants to crawl and drool over everything, it’s okay – it’s all part of the learning experience…

A tailor-made program for each child
Every child is different: some nap, some don’t, some love their food and some are picky. For young children, it’s important that these unique traits are taken into consideration. When you enrol your child in the Infant Care program, carers will take the time to understand your babies unique routine, to ensure they can mirror this as much as possible during the school day . This means that all that work you’ve put into creating a comfortable routine won’t go to waste – phew!  

Mums, we know you have other things to worry about and infant care shouldn’t be one of them. You’ve got a household to manage, sleep to catch up on, showers to take – you deserve a break. If you’re looking for a program that appreciates your child’s needs as well as your own, look no further than the Infant Care programme at the Early Learning Village! You can be assured that your little one will be kept busy from 8am to 6pm, just like Mummy and Daddy!  


This post is sponsored by Australian International School

and Stamford American International School.