IKEA online shopping is now in Singapore

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The wait is over. You can now shop for a couch from the comfort of your... couch.

IKEA, the go-to source of affordable home furnishings with a side of meatballs and marital arguments, has some life-changing news: the IKEA online store is finally open here in Singapore. If you’ve managed more than one full trip to IKEA without having to contemplate divorce, we salute you. We also offer a high five if you’ve successfully assembled a piece of furniture when you could have been doing something far more enjoyable such as potty training your toddler or spying on your teen’s social media usage. Don’t get us wrong, we love the goods from the Swedish masters of accessible homewares, and sometimes we rather enjoy wandering the store floor, dreaming of a life more tidy. But this news, friends, is a game changer.

Imagine having everything you could possibly need for your home right at your fingertips: the online store contains around 7,000 products across all categories. Imagine having your things brought not just to your door, but into the room you’re going to keep them in: delivery is provided for a fee ($15 for a parcel and $70 for anything requiring a truck). And, imagine kicking back with a cup of tea while a nice IKEA person assembles your items for 15% of the price you paid for them. That’s right, you can avoid the in-store arguments and the at-home arguments and let someone else do the literal heavy lifting.

So, when you smash your last wine glass, your tot has a rapid growth spurt and no longer fits in the baby bath, your husband has a spate of “I can fix this” moments, or you just think happiness could possibly be found in a new set of tea towels at 2am, the IKEA online store and marital bliss are just a click away.


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