How to protect your family from illness by balancing and strengthening the immune system

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There’s no magic elixir to guard against illness, but we found something that comes pretty close and helps your body heal itself. Before you sigh ‘not just another health supplement’, hold your skeptical horses. This one’s worth a look…

Parents of the world, we feel you when you say the struggle against falling sick is an uphill battle, and you’re forever asking why your very own immune system keeps letting you down. Be it the latest bug at work or a nasty outbreak at your kid’s school, potential triggers are everywhere. Everyday factors that impact immunity may be grouped into a (rather unattractive but appropriate) term known as the PITTS – poor nutrition, infections, toxins, trauma and stress. Of these, everyday stress can hit your family particularly hard, given the fact that work, school or family pressure can’t always be controlled (and can so often spiral way out of control).  

Luckily, your immune system doesn’t take a break. But that also means the ball falls into your court to protect it, and that’s why we got curious about Santivia Immune. Here’s what we found out about this fascinating little product and how it works to support your immune health.

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An origin story where mum’s the superhero
A food form supplement that supports the functioning of the immune system, Santivia Immune was founded by mother-daughter duo Lynette and Melanie Lee. Melanie was an unfortunate victim of constant respiratory infections, ear infections and severe allergies as a kid. A qualified pharmacist and director of an immune product and research company, mum Lynette came across an active ingredient from the USA called AiE10, which was supported by years of clinical and scientific studies, patents and testimonials. Melanie’s incidence of illness reduced dramatically after a few months of using AiE10, and so did her allergies. Together, Melanie and her supermum worked to create what is now known as Santivia Immune (also known as Our New Favourite Thing).

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Balance, not a boost
It’s tempting to write off Santivia Immune as ‘just another health supplement’, but there’s a good reason why it’s the real – and different – deal. Most people take supplements to boost the immune system, but are unaware that over-stimulation may cause the body to mistakenly attack itself, resulting in autoimmune conditions. In contrast, Santivia Immune intelligently balances the immune system. It up-regulates it when an attack is happening, and down-regulates it post-attack to reach a calm, balanced state. We know… it all sounds a little complicated, but basically what you need to know is that it’s balance, not a boost, that is critical to maintaining a healthy immune response.

What’s with the blueberries?
Santivia Immune’s also the only product that contains a proprietary blend of AiE10 and Blueberry Fruit Extract. Blueberries are long regarded for their positive effect on brain function, memory and the heart. AiE10 has been known to aid the body’s natural ability to build new cells, modulate immune function and sustain immune system performance. Both also work together to protect the body against free radicals (which cause cell and DNA damage). Quite the power combi indeed!

Safe and gentle
If you’re super health-conscious like us (well, we try. Mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays), you’ll be reassured to know that Santivia Immune is made in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility in USA, and contains ingredients that are GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . No gluten, yeast, wheat, corn, soy, salt, casein, preservatives, added sugars, artificial sugars, artificial colours or artificial flavourings are used. This makes it suitable for your little ones, vegetarians and even those with gluten or lactose intolerances. Most importantly, it’s non-toxic and serving sizes may be safely increased as and when your immune system needs extra help. The product can also be consumed on an empty stomach or with any food or medication.

Ultimately, what nabbed our seal of approval is Santivia Immune’s focus on a balanced immune system. An effective product has to go beyond just boosting immunity, and we’re glad that there’s something on the market that does just that,  and has got your whole family covered. Defences up, everyone!

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