How to celebrate World Animal Day in Singapore

How to celebrate World Animal Day in Singapore
Humans aren't the only beings inhabiting this planet. Today's the day to give some recognition to our furry (and not so furry) friends.

So today, we were passing through one of Singapore’s many amazing parks when we found we were suddenly and inexplicably able to converse with animals. But while we were Dr Doolittle-ing it up with the birds and the ants, we caught wind of something interesting the squirrels were saying. ”It’s Wld Aml Dy”’ they whispered. “What?” we replied. They repeated, with great gusto, “It’s World Animal Day!”

So it is.

Okay, so we don’t speak Animal (or do we? You can’t prove anything), but we know that when there’s a World Day of anything, it’s time to celebrate, and we have a few ideas for how you can get involved. Start with a trip to the zoo, a farm or just do some wildlife spotting around Singapore (you’re sure to be surprised by just how close to home these animals are). Check out the weird and wonderful creatures of the deep at S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and River Safari where they’re fighting the deadliest monster – plastic! If you’re craving a wilder encounter, there are plenty of ethical animal encounters to be had in the region, and lots of great offshore farm stays for something a little different. 

But before you go scampering off, don’t forget to give your own fur baby a pat and a trip to the park or beach to meet other fur friends. Haven’t got a pet? Think about giving one a furever home, especially since the animal shelters at Pasir Ris Farmway have been relocated to the much less spacious Sungei Tengah. But, stop and think before you take the leap. Getting a pet is a big decision and you should discuss how your family will take care of your new little friend – forever – before you sign up. 

If you can’t afford to take care of a dog or a cat, consider adopting a rabbit or guinea pig which are smaller (but still a big responsibility). If you’re just not comfortable sharing a home with an animal but you’re fine with sharing the planet with them, you can always volunteer or donate to charity and get the kids in on it too

Remember to shout “Happy World Animal Day!” to every bird, animal and insect you meet today. You’ll know if you can talk to animals if they say it back.

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