HoneyKids Asia top stories for 2018: what was hot in Singapore this year?

HoneyKids Asia top stories for 2018?
As we bid goodbye to this year, we've been taking a look back on the HoneyKids Asia top stories for 2018. Did your favourite make the list?

It’s the end of 2018, and we’ve been looking back at our fun-packed and oh-so-rewarding year here at HoneyKids Asia. Our lovely Ed, Lindene, departed for Australian shores and our new Ed, Tracy, took over the hot seat back in the summer. Georgina left the team for full-time mum duties to her four beautiful kiddos, after little Gilbert arrived to complete her famalam. We welcomed new team member, Kate, and then spent lots of time chuckling while reading her witty writing only to then spend time crying when she too succumbed to the expat inevitability: a move back to her home country. Jana returned to the helm of Creative Services after popping out her adorable second little boy, and Sheralyn continued to bring her own style of wit and roundup excellence to the team. We also got our very own events manager (hello, Brynie!) who’s been acing some truly amazing parties, playgroups, informative talks and carnivals throughout the year.

It’s been a busy one for sure, and we’ve loved every minute of it. But what did you, our fabulous readers, love and find useful during 2018? These 30 reads were our most popular of the year: did your fave make the HoneyKids Asia top stories for 2018?

1. Turns out finding family-friendly dining options here in sunny Singapore is the most pressing parenting essential read of all. Eating out with kiddos in tow was so much easier during 2018 thanks to our enormous guide.

2. When we’re not thinking of feeding our kids, we’re thinking about whisking them away on an island vacay just a hop, skip and a jump from Singapore.

Farm visits in Singapore

All the fun of the farm!

3. Good old fashioned fun on the farm is next up: Singapore may not have tons of agriculture, but there are still places we can bring the kids to to meet a goat or learn about growing their own veggies.

4. It seems we’re a nation of big hearts, as proved by the popularity of our where to donate to charity story. Especially applicable during the consumer-overload season at this time of the year…

5. The monsoon has being doing its level best of late to really rain on our parade. Lucky for us we know where ALL the amazing soft play and indoor fun is at.

6. Parties are a big thing here on the Little Red Dot, and with everything from disco parties to teepee sleepovers, rock climbing to cookery sessions, there’s something for every child and budget in our guide to the best party venues in Singapore.

7. Culture, history and plenty of adventure is the name of the game when it comes to the fam-friendly museums and exhibits in Singapore. We update this popular piece every month to keep you up-to-date with all the latest experiences happening all over the island.

8. If you’re an expat here then chances are you’ve asked yourself at some point, “Should I send my child to international or local school?” Mum-of-three, Tracy, has her kids spread across both systems, and her story is just as popular now as it was when it was first written (interesting fact: this was the first story Tracy ever wrote for HoneyKids!). Look out for Part II coming early next year – her eldest has now graduated high school, her middle child is embarking on PSLE, and her youngest is about to start primary school…

9. Packing up kids and all their belongings is much easier when you haven’t got to hop on a plane and travel too far for a relaxing holiday. Staycays are popular for good reason: Singapore is pretty cool, after all.

10. It’s never too early to get kids thinking about how fortunate they are, and giving back where they can. It warms the cockles of our hearts to see our ‘volunteering for children‘ story in the top 10.

11. Rain, rain go away… Although if it does set in for a bit, we’ve got a bumper list of 100 things to do indoors with the fam. From workshops to cultural hotspots, trampoline parks to Chinese tea parties, it’s all in our mega guide.

12. Who doesn’t love hopping on a monorail to Sentosa? But what is there to do when you get there? We’ve got ALL the awesome activities in our big ol’ roundup of where to eat, shop, play and stay in the State of Fun.

13. Those leaky batteries and broken appliances shouldn’t just be trashed, you know. There are plenty of ways to dispose of them in our guide to dealing with and recycling e-waste.

14. Where we would we be without our right-hand women, our helpers? Help out your lovely Aunty upskill by sending her on one of these awesome workshops and courses just for helpers.

Best birthday cakes in Singapore HoneyKids Asia Bloomsbury Bakers

So many talented bakers!

15. Have your cake and eat it by digging into our big roundup of the best cake bakers and creators in Singapore. Perfect for when baking really isn’t your forte.

16. Looking for a fabulous paediatrician for your small people? Look no further than our guide to best of the best here on the Little Red Dot, as voted for by parents!

17. Whether it’s for your teenager or for you, we know all there is to know about how to get a driving licence, where to take driving lessons, and how to convert your international licences to a local one. Beep, beep!

18. No two strollers are the same, and no two requirements for the perfect pram are the same either. Behold: our guide to the most fabulous strollers on the market.

19. Space is definitely a premium here in Singapore, and whether you live in a HBD, a condo or a landed house, space-saving furniture helps for sure. Double up your kids sleeping arrangements with these cool bunk bed picks.

Relaxing on vacay is made much easier with the helper in tow!

20. When you have multiple kiddos a holiday overseas can be a tad less relaxing than you can imagine… Here’s our guide to bringing your helper on vacay with you plus all the visa requirements she will need for destinations in Asia and beyond. That extra pair of hands makes all the difference!

21. If you’ve got a wannabe David Beckham or Mia Hamm on your hands, finding a football training club (or soccer if you prefer) is definitely the way forward. Prepare to be a #sidelineparent!

22. Elmo, thrills ‘n’ spills, dinosaurs, and parades: what’s not to love about Universal Studios Singapore? Make the experience even more awesome by checking out our essential guide full of tips and tricks before heading on over.

23. We parents spend soooo much time making sure the kiddos are taken good care of that we sometimes (ehem) forget about ourselves. It’s time for a new skill, we say! And with so many cool workshops for adults happening all year round, we think we should all be signing up, stat.

24. Fact: teenagers are hard to please. Tip them out of bed and chuck them this guide, written by teens, for ideas on where to spend time not getting under your feet (and eating all your stashed snacks).

25. One of the things we love most about Singapore (and the list is extensive) is how wonderfully multicultural it is. And with that diverse mix comes plenty of celebrations, festivals and special days. Where to find cheongsams and Mandarin collar shirts trends all year round, and with good reason. Kids look darn cute in them!

26. Halloween proved very popular this year, and the whole island wanted to get in on the ghoulish fun – especially when it came to the parties and events happening for mini monsters.

27. Teaching kids important life skills is deffo an important part of parenting, and it’s never too early to encourage them to find their way around a kitchen. These fun cooking classes will not only impart them with useful knowledge, but there won’t be any mess for you to clear up either. Win, win.

28. Ooooh ahhhh! Fireworks! Whether it’s for the National Day celebrations, or the New Year’s Eve festivities, knowing where to park your bottom with the family to watch the skies light up is essential to a fun evening.

Our own little model, Rafferty, strutting his stuff for Fendi Kids. Photography: Darissa Lee

29. Lights! Camera! Action! If you have a small diva on your hands then they may well want to give modelling a go. We have our own team of mini-mods so we’ve got first-hand knowledge of the talent agencies and requirements needed to help your little one shine.

30. Mmmm cupcakes: small slices of delicious heaven. But being the cupcake purists that we are, only the best of the best will do. Here’s where to get the fluffiest cupcakes in Singapore.

We told you it was a corker. Here’s to more fun stories, sneak peeks, solid intel and useful info when it comes to all things parenting in 2019! Happy Christmas, everyone!

Top image: NordWood Themes via Unsplash

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