Ferrying the kids around Singapore just got easier with GrabShuttle For Schools

Looking for an alternative to the school bus? Here’s why GrabShuttle for Schools is the smart parent’s choice for sending their kids to school...

On top of all the other things we constantly worry about as parents  – potty training, temper tantrums and choosing the right international school to name but a few – NOT having to worry about how we get the kiddos to school would be awesome. And as the school bus option hasn’t always worked out for us, news of the life-changing GrabShuttle for Schools service definitely had us doing a happy little jig in the office. A safe, convenient and affordable alternative to school buses? Sign. Us. Up.

A shuttle service you can trust

Sending your kids on the school bus isn’t always as easy as it might sound. There’s so much to consider when we just plonk our little ones on that bus. Is the driver trustworthy? Are the kids wearing safety belts? Does the bus even HAVE safety belts? All these worries are moot with GrabShuttle for Schools because ALL of its drivers go through not just one, but several rounds of screening, and part of their training includes how to deal with young children.

Plus – and we LOVE this – parents are able to track the shuttle’s routes in real-time via the GrabShuttle app. Your routes are kept private and are only accessible by parents and verified guardians, so there are no safety concerns there either. It’s thought of everything! Also, GrabShuttle for Schools are all equipped with the required safety features required by the LTA:We’re talking about highly rated and well trained drivers thoroughly screened to prioritize your child’s safety,

Super convenient: flexible and personalised rides for your little one

If you’re like us and have kids who get a bit antsy about being in a car for long periods of time, GrabShuttle for Schools is a godsend. Here’s how tech-savvy Grab does it: it matches kids up by route and pick-up points so that travel times are kept to a minimum. Need a drop off at Jiujitsu practice or ballet? You can add different drop-off points for return trips up to 5km away (using its Cheetah Express package) without any additional cost. So much yes.

…and it’s pretty affordable too!

Unlike your typical bus service which can set you back around $200 or more per month, GrabShuttle fees start at $130 a month and no charges are required for month long school holidays. And it’s all done through the app – there’s no need to hand the driver cash – making the entire process fantastically easy.

How does it work?

  1. Simply sign up and request a route.
  2. Once GrabShuttle receives similar requests, one of its friendly staff will get in touch with you with further instructions on how to start using GrabShuttle. Easy!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for GrabShuttle for Schools and get the fuss-free transportation option you’ve always wanted. And psst… don’t forget to check out the GrabShuttle for Schools booth at the HoneyKids Asia International School Fair to get your free gift! **while stocks last


This article is sponsored by GrabShuttle for Schools