GESS’s new campus: Eco-friendly school with progressive curriculum and facilities

A solid language programme, state-of-the-art facilities, plus lush greenery. GESS offers all this, and more, at its new campus on Dairy Farm Lane

It’s always exciting to hear news of an international school in Singapore moving to new digs, especially when they are of the all-singing, all-dancing variety! GESS is one such international school, and it’s due to move to its exciting new location at Dairy Farm Lane in August 2018. But what can you expect from the new campus? For starters, the new school will be home to students from the Toddler Programme all the way to Grade 12. Children as young as 18 months right through to 18 years can enrol to experience the state-of-the-art facilities which include cool maker spaces to encourage innovation, and an Olympic-sized pool to nurture budding sports enthusiasts.

But it’s not just the outstanding amenities that give GESS its rightfully-earned first-class reputation. The school also offers a solid IB or German curriculum, academic staff who are in tune with their students, plus an inclusive ethos. No wonder GESS is as popular a choice for parents as it is for students! So, if you’re in the throes of school decision making right now, and feel like all your boxes are being checked as you read this, then you need to put the GESS Open House, happening on 19 April, firmly on your radar.


Learning pods are age-specific and help students retain a positive sense of community

Global diversity and a holistic learning platform will still be key roles in the GESS way of life, regardless of its postal code, and the new address will feature a plethora of seriously cool facilities. Small, medium and large students can expect:

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve at their doorstep – The beautiful natural surroundings offer the ideal setting for lessons to literally come alive. The whole school has also been designed to be ecologically friendly and has achieved the stringent Green Mark Gold Plus standard!

A Design and Technology Centre, plus Maker Spaces – These amazing spaces make for the perfect platform to spark creativity and encourage students to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Top-notch sporting facilities – Energy levels will certainly be taken care of with a gym, sports complex, indoor sports hall and Olympic-sized swimming pool on site.

Opportunities galore for performing arts – With its own Black Box Theatre, Vocal and Instrumental Programme, plus a 400-seater auditorium, mini-thesps will have plenty of opportunity to fully embrace a love for the performing arts.

Language programmes and curriculumsGESS takes language very seriously. It not only offers the IB curriculum and German curriculum to students, but also Danish and Dutch mother tongue programmes. GESS linguists will be exposed to a fully-immersive learning experience in the language clusters, which have been designed with optimum spatial settings for success. It also has a Language Enrichment Programme, with an offering of over 10 languages, and it enables students to build fluency in their home languages.


The campus is right next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and plenty of the outdoors has been brought indoors at GESS!

Age-specific learning pods – Community and friendship are the cornerstone of GESS’s educational ethos, so the learning pod spaces at the new campus have been designed to help each and every student feel part of the community at all times.

A Cooking lab, visual arts studio and recording studio – Other one-of-a-kind facilities you’ll find at GESS’ new address.

The walls will definitely get the kids thinking and talking.

State-of-the-art facilities that go the extra mile – The walls in the building have been uniquely adapted to feature some of the greatest artists of all times, a design-concept that will help students form their own connections with what they’re learning in the classroom. Curated works will be carefully chosen to stimulate interdisciplinary thoughts and inspire all students to ponder deeply about arts and innovation. There’ll also be ‘word clouds’ and thought-provoking quotes for learners to spot on the walls. We love that this one-of-a-kind initiative will definitely get the kids thinking and talking!

For more information, and to chat with friendly admission and teaching staff, come along to the GESS Open House on 19 April, and also have a look at the short video above for more insight into the new campus. Spots are limited for the Open House, so make sure you register in advance!

This post is sponsored by GESS.