The baby shower games that everyone will want to play

Want to impress all your guests? Here are some of our baby shower game go-tos

Any woman will tell you that being pregnant has its perks. Apart from that awesome glow, the flowing locks and the impending arrival of a new cutie, there’s just so much to look forward to. Sure, there’s the heartburn and the weight gain but there’s also a baby shower to plan for everyone to enjoy! It’s a new mum’s chance to score some cool mummy and baby merch, hang out with dear friends and coo about how cute chubby babies are. And, of course, play baby shower games! Whether you’re a mum-to-be’s BFF, her sister, or you are the person who can no longer see her toes, here are some tried and tested baby shower games to try out…

Guess the celebrity baby

What you need: Printed out photos of celebrity babies, a board to stick photos on, pen and paper.
How to play: Pop the board with photos up for everyone to see, and then guests work in teams or as individuals to write down as many names as they can guess in 10 minutes. Whoever writes down the most correct answers wins.
Why we love this game: You can make this game as easy or as tough as you want. We suggest putting in all the names of the Kardashian brood (FYI you could create an entire game out of this lot) or include cartoon characters.

Don’t say baby

What you need: One pink or blue post-it with the word BABY written on it for every guest.
How to play: When all the guests arrive, give them one post-it each. Explain the rules: If you catch a person saying “baby”, take that person’s post-it and stick it on your shirt. The person with the most post-its wins.
Why we love this game: Not only does it keep everyone on their toes, it’s also really easy to set up, and no mess involved.

Guess the baby food

What you need: Four or five jars of baby food with the labels taped up or washed off, spoons for tasting
How to play: Guests take turns tasting the baby food working out what they think they are. Whoever guesses the most correct answers takes home a prize.
Why we love this game: Have a camera at the ready for the comical faces you will see pulled during this game.

Want to make your baby shower special? Try one of these games!

Bottle drinking contest

What you need: Four or five baby bottles of the same size, beer/juice or anything you’d like your guests to chug.
How to play: Ask willing guests to stand in a line and finish the bottle as fast as they can. Quickest drinker wins.
Why we love this game: If you’ve got a lot of dad guests, they’ll love the excuse to chug a beer!

Name that tune

What you need: Speakers, a Spotify playlist with 10 songs with the word baby in it, pen and paper.
How to play: Guests can work individually or in teams to guess as many of the songs as they can. The person/team who guesses the most correct answers wins.
Why we love this game: It’ll give you an excuse to go through your playlists and marvel at just how many songs have the word ‘baby’ in them.

How big is the baby

What you need: Pink or blue yarn, a pair of scissors.
How to play: Each guest takes turns cutting the yarn to the length they think the mum-to-be’s tummy is. When everyone’s done, the mum-to-be measures the yarn around her tummy to see who’s come the closest.
Why we love this game: This is everyone’s go-to baby shower game for a reason – it’s easy and hilarious all rolled into one. 

Baby book

What you need: An empty scrapbook, a couple of nice pens and markers, stickers for decorating.
How to play: Pass the book around and ask friends to write any sage advice they may have for the mum-to-be. You can even share some words of wisdom for the new baby – it’s up to you!
Why we love this game: A baby book is a nice memento to for any expectant mum to have. It’s also a great reminder of all the fun had at the baby shower!

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