Frozen Food – Inspired By The Movie, Not The Freezer

Weekly Recipe Planner:  Frozen-themed party bites

Blue and white snacks? Don’t pretend you don’t want them. Our recent article on Frozen DIY had a lot of Mum’s asking for more, and so we’re back with a bumper edition of Frozen-inspired party bites. And don’t worry, Frozen food need not leave you cold – if you are under strict instructions from your on-trend little one to cater for a Frozen-themed party, we’ve found some attractive (if not necessarily healthy), birthday-worthy recipes that they’ll never want to let go of.



Peppermint Rock Candy
This looks very effective on it’s own or decorating a Frozen-themed birthday cake too. It’s easy to make and requires very little in the way of ingredients – corn syrup, sugar, peppermint extract, and blue food colouring of course! But remember that timing is everything and you need to stay with the mix on the stove to prevent it from burning. Also, keep little ones away until it’s the mixture cools. Then they can have fun cracking the candy into shards when it has set.

Icy Blue Desert Trifle
This consists of layering marshmallows, blue jelly, and whipped cream in a mini cup. Generously sprinkle on blue and silver candy balls, which you can purchase from the baking section of the supermarket, and voila. Serve with spoons and watch them tuck in with glee!

Snowflake Cupcakes
You can use this recipe as an alternative to a birthday cake or in addition to one. This comprehensive recipe teaches you how to prepare delicious rich chocolate cupcakes with blue-coloured vanilla cream cheese frosting. It’s easy to pipe on or use a knife to swirl instead. The snowflakes are not as hard to make as they may look. Use very firm royal icing in a piping bag with fine tip. If it all seems too much though, use yoghurt-covered pretzels or simply go it alone with blue, white ands silver candy balls.


Marshmallow Pops
These delicate delights are pretty and pretty convenient too. Your Frozen fanatic’s eyes will sparkle as much as the coloured sugar that coats these marshamallows.  They’re really simple to prepare – all you need is coloured sugar (try a specialty baking supply shop), marshmallows, candy sticks, and white chocolate melts.

Snowflake Ritz Crackers
To balance out some of that sugar, add in this savoury treats. Crackers topped with snowflake-shaped cheese cut-outs are so easy that the kids could do them. The only thing you need to get that might not be in your cupboard is a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter.

Olaf Nose, Cheddar Cheese Snowballs, and Ranch Snow Dip
Here is another attempt to offer a slightly healthier option: Fill bowls with baby carrots (aka Olaf’s nose), cheddar cheese balls or popcorn (snowballs), and ranch or tzatziki dip (snow). Leave them to graze and we promise it won’t just be the sweet stuff that is devoured.

Frozen-inspired Layer Cake
Forget the Elsa doll centerpiece and Olaf toppers and go for a more symbolic look. This cake is beautiful inside and out and is essentially a rainbow layer cake in a spectrum of blues through to purple, to match Elsa and Anna’s dresses in the movie. For the complete Frozen effect, decorate the completed cake with some ‘icicles’ crafted with store-bought sparkling sugar/shimmer sugar. It’s a little fiddly but so effective.

Melted Snowman
So, to combat all that sugary sweetness, here’s a handy way to reinvent boring ol’ water as Melted Snowman for some much needed hydration.  Simply print these adorable labels and slip them around bottled water. Voila – the perfect healthy Frozen party beverage. That’s one win for the mums right there.