Find of the week: Sainsbury’s on Redmart!

Sainsbury's on Redmart
Find of the week: Sainsbury's on Redmart has us ridiculously excited about our next grocery shop. Bring on the pantry essentials at cheap prices!

Sainsbury’s on Redmart you say? Oh yes, people, it’s totally true. Online giant supermarket guru Redmart has teamed up with UK giant supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s to bring us international goodies, cheap-as-chips bags of, erm, chips and a huge selection of pantry essentials! See that delicious bowl of chili tomato pasta pictured up top? That’s a Sainsbury’s recipe we can now all make! Can we get a big “Whoop, whoop!” for this grocery-shake up of a find of the week?

Sainsbury’s on Redmart

It really is true story. We’ve been having a virtual mooch through the virtual shelves and have found everything from jars of pitted olives ($2.50) to time-crunched (aka microwaveable) brown rice ($1.50). Olive rice bake for dinner anyone? We’ll be honest, we’re actually pretty in awe of how reasonably priced it all is: we’d be hard pushed to find a 300g bag of quinoa for less than the $4 Sainsbury’s are charging. Also, artichokes, people. Artichokes. Okay, they may be in a jar, but if you’ve ever been on a mission to pick these bad boys up around the island, you’ll know exactly why Sainsbury’s artichokes, jarred or otherwise, could be seen as a gift from the recipe book gods.

Our favourite finds

Pinot Noir red wine ($18.90) aside, we’re also filling our baskets up with everything from disposable breast pads ($4.40 for 40) to seriously affordable all purpose cleaner 1 litre ($2.20), organic passata ($3) to easy peasy fajita kits ($6.50). We’re also pretty impressed to see gluten free, wheat free and dairy free options in the ‘Free From’ range: great news for those with intolerances who fancy some chocolate chip cookies ($3.50)! But our absolute gem of a find? A huge assortment of all our favourite biscuits, for just $4!

We’re going to order the wine and the biscuits right now for some guilt-free mum time this weekend. Ohhhhhh yeah.

Top image: Sainsbury’s via Facebook

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